Opposition Lawmakers Condemn Violent Attack On Rep. Kolubah


Monrovia: Several Opposition Lawmakers have condemned recent attacks by some unknown men allegedly of the Congress for Democratic Change following the Saturday’s bloody tension.

The Saturday violence led to the disruption of a children’s party event organized by Rep. Kolubah and the injury of several people including children and some officers of the Liberia National Police who were called to bring the situation under control.

Since the incident, Rep. Kolubah has mentioned his insecurity alleging the series of threats made against him by rioters and he has since claimed that Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue and some elements of the CDC might have instigated the Saturday’s riot, owing to his strong stance and provocative comments against the Weah-led government.

Addressing a press conference Tuesday on the Capitol Hill, the Lawmakers indicated that threats against Rep. Kolubah as a member of the House of Representative indicate the lack of security and protection of citizens in the country especially the people’s direct representative.

The Lawmakers pointed out that the Saturday deadly incident should ring a bell in the ears of the international community towards the instability of the country amid a sustained peace.

“Let this claim the attention of the Liberian Government, ECOWAS, African Union, the United Nations and our traditional partner, the United States of America, as we are in the stage of consolidating the peace and gains made by all of us”.
“We at the National Legislature coming from diverse political parties and backgrounds, uncompromisingly condemn these acts of violence meted out against innocent children on the old road and gun firing attack on the home of our colleague. Such act threatens the security and protection of the peaceful people of Liberia and requires serious attention”. Rep. Francis Dopoh II of Rivergee District 3 stated as he read the press statement on behalf of the Lawmakers.

The Lawmakers include Rep. Adolph Lawrence of Montserrado County District 15, Rep. Jay Nagbe Sloh of Sinoe County District 2, Rep. Vincent Willie II of Grand Bassa district 4, Rep. Thomas A Goshua of Grand Bassa District 5, Rep. Beyan Howard of Lofa County District 5. Others are Rep. Ivar Jones of Margibi County district 2 and Rep. Francis S. Dopoh of Rivergee County District 3 and Rep. Yekeh Kolubah of District 10 Montserrado County respectively.

They expressed disappointment over the leadership of the House of Representatives under Speaker Bhafal Chambers to ignore the threats made against Rep Kolubah without conducting an investigation into the matter.

“For the House Leadership to ignore this grave threat and incident that took place in the district against our colleague it’s unfortunate and sad and we are calling on them to speak against it because it is unhealthy for our democracy”, Rep Thomas Goshua of District 5 Grand Bassa County stated.

“If the leadership will continue like this then we are headed for something else, let no one forget the same rope that hangs monkey it also hangs bamboo, today it is Yekeh tomorrow it could be Sloh or anyone”, Rep. Sloh of Sinoe County stated.

The Lawmakers contended the decision of plenary today for Rep Kolubah to cooperate with the ongoing investigation instituted by the Ministry of Justice communication for which the Saturday incident has been turned over.

“We cannot ignore or suspend our rule in favor of a communication, we still have 72 hours to file in a motion for reconsideration to plenary’s decision and Rep. Adolph Lawrence will do shortly, so until that motion is filled, plenary decision is not final relating to this,” Rep. Dopoh II maintained.

Plenary took a yey-ney decision for Rep. Kolubah to fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation currently under the Liberia National Police Citizens Complaint Review Board relating to the Saturday’s incident including assertions made by the Lawmaker’s against LNP IG Sudue.

“Mr. Speaker following the violence, Representative Kolubah made a number of allegations against the Liberia National Police including accusing the police IG of unprofessional misconduct. Given the gravity of the incident, we have referred the matter to the Liberia National Police (LNP) Citizens Complaints Review Board (the Board) consistent with section 22.85 of the Liberia National Police act (2015), for a thorough investigation into the entire incident including allegations made by Rep. Kolubah”, the Ministry Justice Communication indicated.

On Monday, January 21, 2019, the House’s Leadership conveyed a meeting with Rep. Kolubah to ascertain information regarding news of tension, riot and threats against him in the district and ensure further actions in keeping with the laws of Liberia.

According to Rep. Kolubah, a complaint letter of the incident and couple with information of the Police IG involvement in the matter was written to Speaker Chambers through the Chief Clerk but said communication did not reflect in Tuesday’s agenda as the speaker did not confirm receipt of the letter.

Pundits believe that the vocal posture of the District 10 Representative Kolubah against the Weah-led government couple with his recent stance against some members of the House including Speaker Chambers for alleged acts of corruption and misappropriation of funds may silence decision in his favor at the Lower House.

Pundits are of the conviction that continuous misunderstandings emanating from the House of Representatives would perpetuate until everyone is seen equal before the house rule including the avoidance of harsh punishment against opposition lawmakers.

Speaker Chambers is on record of saying that no member of the House of Representatives will be subjected to investigation over issues emanating from any branches of the government. His comments were made in reaction to the investigation of the alleged missing 16 billion in which some members of the House were perceived to have participated in the money disappearance.

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