“Yekeh’s Dilemma” Complain To House, But Summons By Justice Ministry


MONROVIA: What appears to be a complete travesty of legislative best practices was seen on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, at the Capitol Building when House Speaker Bhofal Chambers allegedly denied a formal complained filed by Representative Yekeh Kolubah from surfacing on the House’s agenda.

Speaker Chambers in addressing the matter said he did not receive any form of communication from Representative Kolubah prior to the time of the body’s session.

Representative Kolubah who almost lost his life following a chaotic scene which was created by some unknown individuals at an organize Children Party in his district, complained through written communication to the House’s plenary about his recent misfortune but was denied of making his voice heard.

Plenary is the highest decision-making body of the legislature.

During plenary deliberations, Speaker Chambers, having allegedly denied the Montserrado County District #10 Representative Communication from appearing on the body’s agenda, mandated the Secretariat of the House of Representatives to include a letter from the Justice Ministry which among other things calls for Representative Kolubah to submit himself to the Liberia National Police (LNP) Civil Complaints Review Board for investigation.

The alleged act of the Speaker created serious tension among members of the House of Representatives who were in session with many forging an alliance in support of Representative Kolubah.

Representatives, Jay Nagbe Sloh (Sinoe County), Rustolyn Dennis (Montserrado County), Larry Yonquoi (Nimba County), Beyan D. Howard (Lofa County) and Thomas Gosuah (Grand Bassa County) were among lawmakers that resisted the speaker’s alleged decision and call on him to firstly include their colleague communication (Rep. Kolubah) on the body’s agenda before considering the letter from the Ministry of Justice.

Meanwhile, a motion made by Sinoe County District # 2 Representative Matthew Zarzay which mandates Representative Kolubah to make himself available before the LNP Complaint Review Board for investigation was ‘controversially’ accepted through a YE and NAY vote call for by the Speaker.

Representative Kolubah has since become a fierce rival to the Speaker based on his critical stand on national issues and against happenings at the House of Representatives.

The House Committee on Rules, Order and Administration is currently investigating Representative Kolubah for allegedly and publicly accusing the president of harboring one of the missing containers of money at his house on the Roberts International Airport (RIA) highway.

The Montserrado County lawmaker is also being probed for widely announcing that he would singularly protect veteran journalist Philipbert Brown, should the latter be invited by the House of Representatives to reveal the names of the over 15 representatives who were bribed in the printing of an additional L$10.5 billion, a claim made by Mr. Brown on a local radio.

Rep. Kolubah was subjected to an investigation by his colleagues on Thursday, November 15, which marked the 8th-day extraordinary sitting, following a motion from Montserrado County District #8 Representative Acarous M. Gray.

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