In Margibi, Stakeholders Signed Resolution That Calls For 20% Increment In Educational Budget

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Stakeholders in Margibi County over the weekend signed a resolution calling on the Government of Liberia to increase the educational budget of the Country by 20%.

The resolution was crafted by stakeholders of the Margibi County Education System through the support of USAID, Liberia Accountability and Voice Initiative (LAVI) and the National PTA Network of Liberia (NAPTANOL) on Friday, January 25, 2019 in the 3rd and final town hall meeting held at the Booker T. Washington Institute (BWI) campus.

The document according to its crafter serves as the validation copy of the views of the Margibi County Stakeholders towards the more for education 20% increment for the education budget in 2019 advocacy campaign.

The resolution under the signatures of the stakeholders indicated that the strategic planning was for the sole purpose of engaging the 54th National Legislature with a petition for them to prioritize education budget to 20% from the national budget for the enhancement of quality education which they think would lead to high increase in the performance of the education on the overall and that will also lead to an increase in economic growth and economic development in Liberia.

“We the stakeholders have been carefully observing over the years the challenges confronting our educational system and we have seen the need to advocate so that national government (GOL) can address these problems very promptly” they added.

The named some of the challenges as, problems of untrained and voluntary teachers that are yet to be address by the Ministry of Education, the deplorable condition of schools, the lack of equipped science and computer laboratories, the lack of updated textbooks, the lack of an updated code of conduct.

Others are poor instruction supervision by schools, inadequate drinking water for students, and electricity; inadequate learning spaces and seating capacities, poor health and sanitation/janitorial facilities, poor monitoring evaluation by PTAs, inadequate logistics, offices and utilities for Country education officers, district education officers, principals and PTA leadership as well as low financial allotment (operation funds) from government among other.

“Based on the level of advocacy training received from the National PTA Network of Liberia through the support and supervision from USAI-LAVI, we the citizens and stakeholders of Margibi County now herewith joined the National PTA Network of Liberia to advocate for more resources for education from the government of Liberia Pro-poor agenda for prosperity and development” the citizens added.

The stakeholders indicated that being cognizant that for a nation like Liberia to get developed, it will depend on how well its citizens are educated with sophisticated minds towards national development programs.

According to them, the essence of the document is to improve the classroom learning relevance in Liberia in order for the teachers to be properly trained and professionalized to make them effective in the discharge of their responsibilities and students, on the other hand, will have the requisite learning materials such as textbooks, science and computer laboratories, have adequate and sustainable feeding program, medical programs, sport programs, academic competitions, transportation programs, agriculture programs, and have conducive environment for the students to sit comfortably in their classes and effectively participate in lectures and be able to perform well in national and international exams.

Meanwhile, the document was signed by representatives of various groupings including parents, teachers, County Education Officers, District Education Officers, Principal Associations, Teacher Associations, Superintendents, City Mayors, Liberia National Police, District and Township Commissioners, Clan Chiefs, Paramount, Town and Clan Chief s; CSOs and Media representatives, religious leaders, youth and student leaders as well as disable leaders among others.

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