LNCRF Praises Pre. Weah For First Year Achievement

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The Liberian National Children’s Representative Forum has appreciated President George M. Weah and his Government for the many achievements in 2018, marking its first year in power.

The Liberian National Children’s Representative Forum represents all the kids including the physically challenge, Orphans, and less fortunate Children of Liberia.

Speaking in a Press Conference the Forum Speaker Jutomue Doetein said the Government of President Weah first year in power achieved some development in the country.
He highlighted roads connectivity, infrastructure development and education as some of the achievement of the President first year in power.

He said Intervention of President Weah Government in paying the WASSCE fees for all high school students in the country and the free tuition all Public Universities and colleges.

The thirty-three thousand nine hundred and thirty-one (33,931) 12th graders and Seventeen thousand six hundred and seventy –nine (17, 679) 9th graders most of whom are Children in 2018 was a means of relieving parents and students of the financial burden Associated with the exams, and improve performance.

“We the Children of Liberia also appreciate the Government Partners for the support given for Children through the Government of Liberia, especially the World Bank and IDA who made a grant/loan of $25 Million United States dollars for investment in Public Secondary Schools, including construction, rehabilitation, setting up of laboratories, provision of teachers ’residences in rural school communities, girls retention through secondary school, and a host of other interventions helpful for secondary school children.”

The Children Speaker further appreciated the commitment of the USAID to Education aggregates $60.9 Million United States dollars. The USAID investment comprises $27million United States dollars for the Read Liberia Project and $33.9 Million United States dollars.
According to report these two amounts, separately designated for education development by USAID, are designed to enhance early grade reading, particularly for Grades 1 & 2, and enrolling out of school children into learning programs, which is estimated to benefit forty-eight thousand (48,000) children residing in six (6) counties.
Meanwhile, Speaker Doetein said despite all the achievements in President Weah first year, violence against the Children of Liberia continues to be on the increase with little done to ensure perpetrators are punishing for their actions.

He said although Liberia is signatory to many National and international conventions and policies that protect Children rights, including the 2011 Children’s Law of Liberia, the Rape Law, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child and others, National Government has done very little to implement laws that protect its future generation (CHILDREN).

The tough-talking Speaker quoted the Children’s Law of Liberia Article 3 sections 21.1 which states that ‘every child shall have the right to be protected from abuse and exploitation, also article 34 of the simplified version of the United Nations Convention on the rights of a Child, states that “Government should protect Children from Sexual abuse.’
He said Sexual Violence against Children especially Girls have increased despite numerous protests, petitions and awareness they have created in various Schools, Communities and in rural and urban areas.

According to Doetein the Ministry of Gender report on Sexual Gender, Based Violence uncovers over 1,484 Gender Based Violence cases which took place between Januarys to September 2018 and of figure 971 were rape cases.

“We also like to bring to the attention of the public and the Government of Liberia the need to put an end to Children selling on the streets in Liberia, a huge number of Liberian Children have been deprived their rights to education, good health and participation as the result of selling on the streets

With the second year of the Government of Liberia under the watchful eyes of his Excellency President Dr. George M. Weah, we appeal on behalf of the Children of Liberia for the Government to work strongly to end violence against Liberian Children, especially rape.
We also appeal to the Government of Liberia to implement laws that protect children including the 2011 Children’s Law of Liberia and ensure it is thought in every school in the country.” Speaker Doetein stressed

The Children Speaker said they are hoping that President Weah Government will work tirelessly to passing the Domestic Violence Bill and establish additionally rape courts across the Country to fast track rape cases and speed up the investigation into all rape cases for Women and Children Protection.

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