Rep. Fofana Lashes At Critics-Describes Them As Unserious, Irresponsible People

Local News

The Representative of Electoral District #4 in Margibi County, Ben A. Fofana has lashed at his critics whom he said are insinuating that the decision made during the 2017 general and presidential elections by electorates was a mistake.

“There are insinuations and assertions made by unserious people of our County that the decision the people of Margibi made 2017 was a mistake, you got to be joking; to even say that you want to insult the people for their own decision they made for their own benefit to say that they are in error you are in error” he lamented.

Rep. Fofana stated that the decision the citizens made during the election was a quality decision and they will see the dividend. The Margibi Lawmaker said when he reflects on those unserious and irresponsible statements coming from people in their quarter that the people of Margibi did not make the right decision, it pains him.

According to the Representative, if he was not in leadership, he would be in brutality with those unserious and irresponsible people that are making such assertion, but they are blessed that he is in leadership.

He said sometimes if people are in leadership, they exercise restraint as such; those that are making the assertion will benefit otherwise they would have faced each other all over the County though he did not figure out the names of those that are involved.

Ben Fofana added that as far as the citizens are concerned, the decision they made is the best decision for them and today they are beginning to see the dividend as reports have been made across the Country and across Margibi County.

He called on the Margibians to keep their heads up high as the made a quality decision thus advising them not to make a decision that will be below the previous one they made in 2017.
Hon. Fofana admonished the Margibians to ensure that people they elect are humble, honest and credible and not people who will look down upon them but see them as his/her masters.

He disclosed that there are people in the County who bow down to people if they want to be in leadership and as soon as they are successful, they grow wins because they are the most senior people in the District or the County.

Meanwhile, as the 2020 midterm election draws nearer, Rep. Fofana has urged the citizens of Margibi not to be hastate in their decision making but should involve God as there are some of the citizens who have interest in the County and want to participate in the election.

“Don’t be hastate in your decision, don’t make a decision on your own involve God in it, consult people” he told the Margibians.

He explained that there will be more people vying for the position in 2020, thereby appealing to the citizens not to rush in their decision making.
He said there are plenty of good people in the County that have not been tried before calling on those that the citizens tried and asked them to go and sit down to remain on the bench.

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