Rep. Tarponweh Craves Reduction In President, Representatives And Senators’ Tenures

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Margibi County electoral district #1 Representative, Tibelrosa Summoh Tarponweh has expressed the need for reduction in the tenures of the President of the Republic of Liberia, members of the House of Representatives and the Liberian Senates respectively.

Rep. Tarponweh speaking at program marking the official presentation of his first annual legislative report to the people of his district said six years are so long for President and Representatives, while nine years are long for Senators.

“By the time we make all mistakes your children who were born today will be six years, they will be twelve years; Senators should not be nine years they should be six years” he said.

According to Rep. Tarponweh, these are things they want to start discussing stating that it is not against anybody or party but in the interest of the Liberian people because they don’t want their people to wait for six or nine years to throw out “bad leaders” that they will elect.

He narrated that the presidency in African Governments like particularly in Liberia is powerful, expressing hope that during their time they can revisit the discussion that started in 2011 regarding the amendments or referendum that needed to be passed to reduce the tenures of those respective leaders.

“My distinguish compatriots, you elected me at the legislature at the level of the House of Representatives to provide good representation, ethical representation; a representation that will not be easy I always said African politics is not an easy thing where you the people always criticize us the legislators, in fact, the legislature get more criticism than any part of the government we don’t blame you, we don’t fight you that’s your right but you have to understand how the system works” he added.

Rep. Tarponweh further indicated that they want to see that power is decentralized noting that he does not believe that power belongs to those who occupy the office but it rather belongs to the people.

He stated that the way they as government officials can be effective and accountable to their people is if they go to their people often and asking them on their performances.

The Margibi Lawmaker, however, blamed the past government under the leadership of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for bringing up what he called not serious amendments or referendum that needed to be passed.

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