Over Delay In Disbursement Of Counties’ Funds-Senator Cooper Wants Finance And Internal Affairs Ministers Invited

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The Senior Senator of Margibi County wants the Finance and Internal Affairs Ministers invited by the Liberian Senate this week to give reasons behind the delay in the disbursement of funds to benefiting Counties.

“I will be putting it on the floor by next week to call the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to ask them why we appropriated these monies, why these monies have not been paid to the Counties because it is bringing lots of problems in the Counties,” he said.

Senator Oscar A. Cooper said the delay on the part of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to disburse money appropriated in the 2018/2019 national budget is causing serious harm to the development and progress of the various Counties of Liberia.

According to him, because the County like any other County in Liberia has not received its County Development Fund from the central Government, the Charles Henry Rennie Hospital (Rennie) in the County cannot get the needed support from the County Administration of Margibi.

“Well I have heard about the challenges C.H. Rennie Hospital has, that the government appropriation we have to look into it to see why this is happening; it’s very bad for our Hospital not to be given operational support.

He said the problem at the Hospital is a serious problem and one person’s pocket can’t purchase fuel for the generator that is used by the Hospital, as such he has to look at it to see whether he can put pressure on the Ministry of Health as well.

It can be recalled that the Administration of the Hospital recently cut down the supply of electricity from 24hrs to 12hrs due to the lack of fuel thus paralyzing the operation of the Hospital.

Though some ordinary citizens and individual members of the Margibi Legislative Caucus including Representatives Ben A. Fofana and Tibelrosa S. Tarponweh have made some intervention, the problem is yet to be solved.

According to information, the generator being used at the Facility burns forty gallons of fuel per day. Meanwhile, if nothing is done by the central government, the Hospital will continue to face this challenge.

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