Rep. Wreh Delivers First Legislative Annual Report In Margibi

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Representative Ellen A. Attoh Wreh of Margibi electoral district #3 has made her first legislative annual report which covered donation and distribution of medical supplies and equipment, local scholarships, support to students preparing for WASCE, projects, rain disaster relief, international lobbying, rural women empowerment, legislative duties, communities visitation and forward march of the district in 2019 among others.

The Lawmaker delivering the report through a Community Chairman Morris G. Johnson said she has embarked on the fulfillment of campaign-related promises to the citizenry including development, projects, and incentives for students as well as articulate representation within the 1st year of legislative work.

She explained that in an effort to buttress the health sector and mitigate some of the existing critical challenges identified during the campaign period, she immediately after the 2017 election lobbied and provided an assortment of medical supplies and drugs to several health center in and around Kakata such as the Modern Clinic, Barkolleh health center, the C.H. Rennie Hospital and the Heart of Hope Health Center among other.

On the issue of support to students preparing for WASCE, she stated that study materials were procured from Ghana through the office of the Lawmaker and were distributed to schools in and around Kakata to buttress the tutorial capacity of the students while she also commenced tutorial programs at several institutions in Kakata City.

Hon. Wreh also disclosed that as part of her efforts in addressing the dying need of young boys and girls to continue their education; she maintains a current scholarship enrollment of 131 students in Districts numbers 3 and 4 respectively stating, ‘though this challenging, it has become a reasonable duty to keep these students in school’.

According to her, there are 29 scholarship students in high school, 55 financial aid students, 3 students on the Madame Suacoco scholarship program at the Cuttington Junior College and 44 students (65% waiver) at the Barshell University.

For projects, the Representative averred that a host of projects were identified and promised during the campaign period which has become a hallmark of completion by her office. She said her commitment is to have all these projects completed prior to the Agriculture break at which time she will now be discussing with community leaders on their needed and desire projects for inclusion into the national budget.

She named the projects as, the rehabilitation of the Kakata City Police Station to 26 gate, Mandingo quarter roads; the construction of two toilets in the Gborfehla Community, water project (rehabilitation of Water and Sewer lines) in the 26 gate community, renovation of ad-hoc school building in Division 26, water project (rehabilitation of Water and Sewer lines) in Bright Farm, water project (rehabilitation of Water and Sewer lines) in New Kakata, School construction in Division 31 and the construction of palava hut in the Wenneh’s Town Community among others.

The District #3 Representative also narrated that her office has been able to empower one thousand one hundred and four (1,104) rural women at an empowerment tag of L$3, 738, 000, 00 with each rural woman receiving L$3,500, a program she said has translated to a work of art.

Reporting on legislative duties, Hon. Wreh revealed that during the period under review she participated in the 60th commission on the status of women (CSW) organized by the United Nations General Assembly which was under the theme “rural women empowerment”. She said continued discussions are underway for support to rural women through Micro Finance Empowerment and Agriculture base empowerment.

During the period under review, Hon. Wreh explained that she was able to advocate for management contractors at Firestone and it yielded 251 personnel employment, approved the policy by Firestone management towards controlled farm buildings for agricultural purposes and improved sanitary conditions at several camps.

The Representative furthered that she reintroduced the controversial Code of Conduct seeking indulgence from her colleagues and plenary to invite the National Elections Commission (NEC) so as to provide clarity and articulate their position on the law part ‘V’ political participation.
“Serving on the committee on elections and inauguration, I have been tasked by plenary to engage NEC and come back with relevant findings,” she said.

The Lawmaker at the same time said she was able to travel to several Countries including Rwanda where she participated at the Mo Ibrahim African Women Empowerment Forum, Brussels where she represented the committee on elections and inauguration at a Global Conference on Sustaining Peace through elections among many other Countries.

Meanwhile, Rep. Wreh intoned that in the forward march of the District 2019 plans with the consent of its people and the requisite GOL funding, she will undertake programs to motivate and support adolescent girls, building of police station at 26 Gate, grand breaking and construction of District office, Laterite rehabilitation of community and access roads and improved safe drinking water facilities.

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