Margibi Gender Coordinator Advocates For Police – Says 2018 Accounts For 98 SGBV Cases

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In order to enhance the work of the Liberia National Police, the Gender Coordinator of Margibi County is advocating for more support to be given to the sector.

Madam Asilton said if the police must and should protect lives and properties, it is incumbent upon their bosses to give those basic necessities that will make them effective and efficient and make them “a modern 21st-century police”.

“Liberia National Police is there to protect lives and properties, in the protection of lives and properties if you cannot live for me, this is one thing I believe I cannot die for you,” she said.

She argued that if those who are called to protect lives and properties are not protected they cannot, in turn, protect others, indicating that self-perseverance is the first law of nature.

The Gender Coordinator said as her office works with the police in combating crimes in addressing sexual gender-based violence, many times she has had challenges where police wants to go on crime scene to do investigation or arrest alleged perpetrators but because of challenges, they cannot go and in many cases lead to the alleged perpetrators escaping the crime scene.

Meanwhile, Madam Asilton has revealed that statistic has shown that about 98 sexual and gender-based violence cases particularly rape occurred in the County in 2018 and less than 10 of this number went to Court while police could not arrest less than 30 alleged perpetrators due to the lack of mobility.

“For statistic from Margibi office from the analysis that we gathered from the field when it comes to sexual and gender-based violence particularly rape, we have the total of 98 cases from January 1st 2018 to December 31st 2018 and less than ten of those cases from statistic went to Court, less than 30 or 25 of those cases the police could not arrest alleged perpetrators, many times it is because the police lack mobility and sometimes when they get on the scene those people have also escaped and gone to other places” she explained.

She then recommended that police in Margibi be also looked at during international training, seminars and programs on grounds that Margibians are people who believe in doing things effectively and efficiently, therefore; their police need to be on top of information.

The Margibi Gender Coordinator made the assertion over the weekend at a mass community policing and engagement meeting under the theme ‘taking the police to the people through pro-active policing approach’ held at the Kakata City Hall.

For his part, the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police said the issues of manpower and vehicle among others cut across the Country and they have always been highlighted everywhere his team travels.

Hon. Patrick T. Sudue said he believes the Government of Liberia is making everything humanly possible to ensure that the issues raised by the people are taken care of.

“We are discussing it, the President is somebody who is very, very much interested in the well being of the people; the president has the issue of logistics on his heart and I am sure that the government will do something in the shortest possible time to ensure that he increase the manpower and provide vehicle” he concluded.

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