Judge Gbeisay Urges Gov’t, Security Apparatus To Carefully Examine Sources Of Funding For New Business And Investmen

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The assigned Judge of the 13th Judiciary Circuit Court in Kakata Margibi County is urging the Government of Liberia and the security apparatus to carefully and thoroughly examine the sources of funding for new business and investment especially banking institutions, the Insurance Industry and the establishment of State of the Art Churches in the Country.

Judge Yamie Quiqui Gbeisay, Sr. said the investigation of the sources of funding by foreigners and Liberians residing abroad is absolutely necessary because intelligence has indicated that these are now the new avenues employed by white-collar criminals to clean dirty money thereby risking Liberia’s integrity and international absolution.

He argued that Liberia cannot and should not be allowed to be used as a conduit or a waterside for cleaning dirty money.

The 13th Judiciary Circuit Court Judge mentioned that the Court as an interpreting arm of the government can only interpret what it has been given by the Legislature and the Executive Branches of Government.

“It is in this view that we hereby call on our 54th legislature to enact the appropriated legislations on drug and money laundering and corruption in Liberia,” he said.

He explained that the present laws on the books on drugs, money laundering and corruption are weak and inadequate to address this menace in society and save the future of the children.

Judge Gbeisay averred that he has in similar vein observed that with disdain some Insurance Companies are undermining the effort of the Government of Liberia, specifically the Court to administer justice to those accused in drug-related cases.

He pointed out that the accused apparently used the proceed of the drug and employ Insurance Company to file their criminal appearance bond which the Judge is under legal a duty to approve once it meets legal requirement.

Accordingly, the Judge said many Insurance Companies failed to realize that the object of the criminal appearance bond is that the accused must appear in Court at the call of the case.

“The Insurance Company or persons interested in bailing out defendant especially in drug cases should develop a strategy to ensure that it will produce the accused when required by a Court” the Judge added.

He said while bail remains a right in drug cases in his jurisdiction, it was not the intent of the authors of the law for Insurance Company to enrich themselves at the expense of the Liberian children.

He vowed that his gavel will have no mercy on Insurance Companies or Individuals who bail out an accused but fail to produce them on due notice for trial.

The Judge also called on Liberians to know that no nation is better than its citizens thereby admonishing all to work together to build a great nation based on the rule of law.

He made the statement when he delivered his formal charge at souvenir program for the formal opening of February term A.D. 2019 of the 13th Judicial Circuit Court in Kakata on Tuesday, February 13, 2019.

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