Rep. Marvin Cole Denies Assassination Plot Against Pres. Weah


“Let me say without fear that I harbor no desire or intention whatsoever nor have I ever been a party or any persons in discussions of such matters; nor am I interested in doing anything negative which will be a stumbling block to this government, breed disunity and animosity amongst officials government or act in any way to increase the suffering of our people. This new trend of lies, undermining, threats and bringing disrepute to others must stop”, Bong County Jorquelleh District Representative Josiah Marvin Cole stated in a Press Conference on Sunday in reaction to leaked audio reportedly of Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker linking him to overthrowing President Weah.

The recent leaked audio tape focused on alleged conversations between Ministers of Finance and State and the Mayor of Monrovia, Samuel Tweh, Nathaniel Mcgill and Jefferson Koijee and the Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker respectively on plans to revenge on those plotting to overthrow the Weah-led government and controversies surrounding the presentation of a traditional title to Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor.

The Leaked tape revealed that Minister of State Mcgill was overheard mentioning Rep Cole’s direct plot to overthrow the government and due to that ‘he will never see the president ‘face-to-face’ unless on television”, “Mcgill very self told me that Marvin Cole them are planning to kill the president he will not step his foot to my office again or even come closer to the president but he will see him (President Weah) on television or maybe at the Legislature”, A voice reportedly of Bong County Sup. Esther Walker in a leaked audio indicated.

The tape revelation has sparked debates in several corridors and those accused and linked have been responding to claims and counter-claims regarding the manner and form information are carried and received.

Responding Sunday, February 17, 2019, to the leaked tape, Jorquelleh District Representative Josiah Marvin Cole described the information in the tape on him as lies, malicious and only intended to ruin his character and relationship with President George Weah.

“Let me first make this emphatically clear that these accusations are False, Malicious, lacks any iota of truth; has the potential to turn away investors from our national environment and send a very bad signal of insecurity and mistrust in this Government, considering there and other negative implications, I believe it is my duty to make clarity on this matter to our people”, Rep. Cole stated.

Rep. Cole mentioned that there has been a cordial and frank relationship between him and the Liberian leader noting that he cherished such relationship which has foster development and stronger collaboration from the arm of the Coalition. “I, on the other hand, met then-Senator George Weah in 2016 during discussions about the Coalition and I found him to be visionary, hardworking, committed, open-minded, patient and easy to work with. After the Coalition was formed, our relationship deepened and we became like ‘big brother-small brother, I grew to admire him greatly and with this cherished relationship with the President, it is preposterous therefore that I or the Vice President could harbor any such ill will towards destroying that which we have labored hard to bring to life and which we are both committed to working to make successful”, Rep. Cole noted.

“Truthfully, neither I nor the Vice President has any idea where these accusations are coming from and the motives behind them. But these bend on spreading lies and sowing seeds of discord amongst our leaders are doing so to the detriment of the Nation and denying OUR President the chance to seeing his dreams for our people become a reality, for united we stand, divided we fall”, he emphasized.

Commenting further on the conferring of a grand title on the Vice President which has resulted into series of dismissal of head of Chiefs in Bong County, Chief Suakollie and reportedly the source of the leaked audio, Rep. Cole clarified that Vice President Taylor was never given the title ‘Dahkpana’ as it is being stated in quarters but she was honored as the first citizen of the County and given the traditional name and title ‘PONO FALO’ meaning ‘Light cannot hide’ for her immeasurable contribution over the years nationally.

“Firstly, Dahkpana is a Poro Society title which cannot be given to a female and secondly the Dahkpana title had been given previously to the head of traditional leaders in Bong County in the person of Chief Suakollie. Lastly the traditional title given to the Vice president was from the Suakoko Clan by its elders, of which Chief Suakollie is not a clan member, who as head of the Bong County Chiefs and Elders”.

Chief Suakollie along with other chiefs who performed the honoring ceremony of Vice President Taylor were removed shortly after the ceremony without investigation by directive of the National Traditional Council head Chief Zanzan Karwar, which Rep. Cole described as sad and disturbing.

Rep. Cole lauded President Weah for taking seized of the matter and pledged his continuous support and commitment to the Weah-led administration.

“I will do absolutely nothing to undermine the government or join any plot against him not now or in the future. It is also extremely important to remind those in positions of power especially those around the President, about the dangers of disunity, backbiting and spreading lies intended to disenfranchise others who fought so hard to bring this government into being and damage people reputation for selfish aim”.

He admonished those in leadership to refrain from acts that would plunge the country into unrest which he said would no better for the growth and development of the country.

“I want to send out an honest plea to all, our country has witnessed some of the worst and most gruesome political killings over the past 30years, only based on lies and falsehoods, for wrong reasons and to deny others of contributing to the rebuilding of our beloved nation by branding certain personalities as political enemies. This is wrong and must be stopped”, The Jorquelleh District Representative averred.

Barely a day after the leaked recording, President Weah suspended with immediate effect the Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker and commissioned a prompt investigation into the matter to ensure transparency and authenticate the actuality of the information revealed in the tape.

“Madam Walker remains suspended pending an investigation into allegations she made in leaked audio which went viral on February 15, 2019. She is henceforth advised to turn over all government properties in her possession”, the Executive Mansion release noted.

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