NHA At Verge Of Completing 54 Duplexes For West Point Erosion Victims

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Over Sixty Five (65) affected family heads whose residencies were swallowed by erosion in the Township of West Point is expected to benefit from the completion of 108 housing units by the National Housing Authority.

A release from the National Housing Authority (NHA) states that the last phase of the project will be completed at the end of March at their VOA residential area in Brewerville, outside Monrovia.

The release quotes the Deputy-Officer-in-Charge, C. Raphael During, as saying that the completion of the 54 duplexes is President George Weah’s way of easing the affected families, whose residencies were swallowed by erosion in the Township of West Point.

“I want you to know that President Weah is concerned about your living conditions and therefore he has promised to deliver keys of the new homes to you by himself,” Mr. During said.

He noted that the project began in 2016 for a four-month period, faced some challenges in which much has been overcome and now waiting for the Ministry of Finance & Development Planning (MFDP) to make the final payment to the nine Liberian-owned construction companies to finish the job by next month, March 2019.

“The NHA and MFDP have been working on the project and Minister Samuel Tweah is also passionate about completing the project and therefore it will not take long to provide the balance of the money to the contractors to finish the job at the anticipated date of next March,” Mr. During said.

He told a gathering of residents, representatives of the nine construction companies and Hon. Soko Wiles, chairman of the Brewerville City Council, that the long wait by the residents may soon be over.

Mr. During also revealed that because of his interest to ease the suffering of erosion victims in West Point, President George Weah, has announced an amount of USD1 million for the project to be able to relocate more Liberians who are distressed by erosion in West Point.

He said his visit to the VOA site of the project is to show President George Weah’s concern for their welfare and therefore called on them to remain supportive of the initiative.

He also called on the construction companies to work along with the NHA to finish the project, despite several challenges that their representatives enumerated as responsible for the delays since the project was meant to have taken four months.

They appealed to President Weah to ensure that the remaining funds are provided through the NHA to enable them to complete the project in March, next month. He said 90% of the project is completed.

Hon. Soko Wiles commended President Weah for keeping the promised made to the would-be beneficiaries and asked for God’s blessings on the president.

Hon. Wiles is reported to be what is known as ‘strangers’ father’ and he is also reported to have made several positive interventions as his contributions to make life easy for the expected beneficiaries who are presently housed in zinc sharks.

A spokesman of the 65 community heads commended the Government of Liberia and the NHA for not reneging on the project.

“President Weah has shown that he cares for those of us who are very poor,” the spokesman said. “All of us Liberians must put our differences aside and work to support President Weah’s initiatives and commitment to rebuild the country.”

So far, CUSMOS Construction has completed its 6 duplexes (12 units). The rest of the units are in their completing stages and Mr. During expressed gratitude to the construction companies for a good job well done and promised NHA’s cooperation.

The nine construction companies being used for the project are CUSMOS, ACCESS, ALIZA GROUP OF COMPANIES,

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