Rep. Ivar K. Jones Identifies With Several Health Centers In Margibi


With the numerous public outcries on the shortage of drugs at various health centers and the challenges they are faced with especially public facilities, Margibi electoral District #2 Representative; Ivar K. Jones has identified with several of those facilities in the County.

Representative Jones recently presented assorted medical supplies to officials of the health center including drugs in his district in order to address some of the challenges they are faced with.

The Lawmaker in an interview with newsmen over the weekend said his intervention was triggered by media reports and a communication from the public sector within his district informing him of the shortage of drugs in the Country.

“As you are aware and I guess your paper also reported the shortage of drugs in and around Monrovia and Liberia at large, we also have ears for the matter of fact we can listen to the media and base upon communication from the public sector within our own District informing us of the shortage of drugs drew our attention and we did not sit there” he added.

The Representative said he believes it is not only about pointing out the ills in society but one’s effort towards eradicating those ills and it was based upon that he thought it wise that with the shortage of drugs in the Country with his district being of no exception, he be able to make some presentation.

He added that having four public health centers within his district, he purchased drugs worth two thousand one hundred and twenty United States dollars (US$2,120) and distributed it amongst those centers including Cotton Tree, Dolo Town, RIA and the Charlesville Clinic.

He indicated that the presentation was extended to the only Government referral hospital in Margibi County, (the Charles Henry Rennie Hospital) by giving over one hundred and twenty gallons of fuel at the valued at four hundred and fifty United States dollars.

Rep. Jones, “I think with that we have brought a little relief to the people of our County while we await the appearance and subsequent implementation of the Ministry of Health to bring relief to the people in the health sector”.

He asserted that the report also led him to write a communication informing plenary to invite the Minister of Health and her able deputy to give the status of the health sector of the Country.

Hon. Jones said for the fact of the matter people have cried for drugs and the little he had he has been able to provide it to the various facilities and he believes that for the short term it will be able to help while Government rally support nationally and internationally to be able to bring relief to those that have been affected.

The District 2 Lawmaker intoned that health is wealth and if one is not healthy the infrastructure development everyone yearning for is not possible and people will not have the strength to sit in class to acquire knowledge.

He then maintained that providing the health sector with medication is not a strange thing because he has been involved with it in the past years stating that he did same in 2014, 2016 and 2017 respectively when he gave medical support to the mental home at the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital extension in Du-Port road.

Meanwhile, Rep. Jones said he has in the same vein written a communication to the house plenary to invite the Minister of Health and her able deputy to give the status of the Country.

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