Cuttington Alumni Association New Leader To Launch US$1 Million Endowment Fund

Cuttington University Alumni Association has inducted new officials to steer its affairs for the next three years, with the new president promising to address the university’s financial woes through a US$1 million donation fund.

Officials inducted are Tornorlah Varpilah, president, Garmai Nyuangar, vice president, and Gimah Sambolah as secretary general. Others include Thomas Momo, financial secretary, Vivien Jones, treasurer, and Princess Jones as chaplain.

The induction ceremony was held recently on the main campus of Cuttington University in Suakoko, Bong as part of a lineup of activities to commemorate the university’s 130th Founder’s Day.

The standard-bearer of the Alternative National Congress, Alexander Cummings and an alumnus of Cuttington, who served as keynote speaker for the induction ceremony, challenged the new leadership to serve with diligence, commitment, transparency, and integrity.

The ANC political leader called on President Varpilah and his team to help raise funds for Cuttington to help the school’s administration address some of its financial needs.

“One of the tasks of alumni is to find resources for the university. There are many people who have gone through these walls and I am sure they are all ready to open their checkbooks not only in Liberia but around the continent and in the diaspora,” Mr. Cummings noted.

Mr. Cummings said transparency and accountability are attributes that should be expected of all other organizations such as the Cuttington University Alumni Association, adding not only from the national government.

He further said Liberia has long suffered and will continue to suffer if its leaders continue to turn national wealth into personal belonging.
The ANC big man expressed optimism that with the composition of the current leadership and the administration, Cuttington University will move to another level.

For his part, newly inducted president of the alumni, Varpilah, presented a five-pillar agenda for his leadership.

The alumni president said the agenda includes solidification of the alumni relationship and engagement, building a global network for information sharing, enhancing financial sustainability, professional development, as well as improving governance and leadership.

He said knowing the fact that most organizations fail because of bad governance and corruption, noting that they will publicly commit themselves to uphold the tenants of democracy in the School.
He further revealed that the association will institute an alumni volunteer program that will mentor and guide young graduates in developing their careers.

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