Rep. Jones Urges Gov’t, Others To Utilize Liberianization Policy-Dedicates Modern District Office US$37,870 And L$1,464,160


The Representative of Margibi electoral District 2, Ivar K. Jones is urging the government of Liberia, his colleagues and local authorities to utilize the Liberianization policy.

The Lawmaker said there are potential Liberians and if Liberia must be developed, the Liberianization policy must be implemented.

“Let us understand if a foreigner came here to make business, at the end of the day there are four factors involved; you get capital, manpower, entrepreneurship and so forth,” he said.

According to him, if anyone looks at how many Liberians are contributing he/she will understand that it is only manpower leaving out capital and entrepreneurship something he said means that 75% of what is generated is taken back to foreign land.

He indicated that if Liberia must be developed, out of the factors mentioned Liberian should take three such as manpower, capital and entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, Hon. Jones through the District Two Development Council (DTDC) has for the first time in the history of Margibi County dedicated a modern district office that was constructed by a Liberian construction contractor firm valued at US$37,870 and L$1,464,160.

The district office according to the Representative was awarded to the Company to be implemented within the period of 120 days but it was done ahead of the 120 days deadline that was set up.

He said there are good Liberians in Liberia and there are Liberians firms in Liberia that have integrity.

“Today as we speak as per what this building cost seventy thousand three hundred and some more dollars, looking at the remittance made it means that if we were to take money or hold on everything constant to have that full amount on hand before the implementation of this building it means that this building could have not been completed by now” he explained.

He noted that based on the contractual agreement they went into with a Liberian own Company, the Company has been able to fully finance the building and was able to deliver on time.

Rep. Jones informed the public that it was a promise he made that 50% of his salary and allowance will be remitted to the people of District #2, a promise the Lawmaker said he has kept it alive.

He averred that of the amount remitted, he has been able to construct a district office that is for the people of District #2 and even his successor will use it to work for the people of the District.

The Lawmaker at the same time called on the Assistant Superintendent for Development in the County to take the record on the property which he said is not for any individual but rather for the people of the County and District 2 in particular.

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  1. Thanks a million Hon. Ivar k. Jones, this is a clear manifestations of your kind heart u posses as a leader.
    You have played your three cardinal roles for which your people elected you.

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