Water Shortage Hits Plemue Town & It Surroundings Villages In Bong


Reports reaching this Paper revealed that the lack of safe drinking water is said to be posing a serious health hazard to citizens of Plemue town and its surroundings in Yellequelleh, electoral district #5, Bong County.

Plemue which is a historic town within Garyea clan has a population close to 1000 inhabitants including other town and villages which service by the area for those basic services.

According to our Reporter who visited the area said, there are four hand pumps in the community and amongst the four only one is functioning the remaining three are down.

Speaking to this Paper, a resident of the area John Darlen said the situation is has resulted in the death of their children form cholera and diarrhea amongst others water bound diseases. Mr. Darlen who was in tears said, they are finding it very difficult to have access to safe drinking water especially during this dry season.

The citizens many of whom are women and children in the town usually walk for hours in bushes to fetch safe drinking water something they said is causing serious health hazard in the community among inhabitants.

The Plemue citizens further said the lack of safe drinking water is just one of the many challenges facing the area, noting that the town is don’t school which has resulted to many schools going children becoming farmers and fathers of many children.

“Indeed this situation we need to be given some attention and urgent interventions if we as citizens are to live happily and healthier,” Mr. Darlen adds.

The citizens in a very sad mood also said the inability of their Lawmaker and national government to provide those needed basic services as people who stood in the sun and rain to vote them as leaders of the country is a clear manifestation that they have been forgotten.

The citizens also believed that their rights to have access to equal opportunity have been violated over several years by Leaders they elect to represent them.

They further said, on many occasions, they have been seeking assistance from the district Representative Hon. Edward Karfiah, some government Officials including humanitarians organizations but to no avail.

The citizens are at the same time callings on the Liberian leader, President Dr. George Manneh Weah to direct his government Pro-Poor Agenda for prosperity and development to their aids for the improvements for the community and its dweller’s.

Our Reporter quoted the citizens as saying, if the central government doesn’t quickly intervene into the situations by rehabilitating some of these damage hand pumps, children of the area will continue to die as the result of unsafe drinking water been used for drinking and cooking purposes.

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