Man 30, Murder Fiancé in Bong


Police in Bong County has arrested a man believed to be in his 30s for allegedly murdering his fiancé popularly known as Babygirl Ballah in Weamu Town Kpaii District, Bong County.

The situation occurred on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 after the victim had reportedly asked the suspect to carry her to Gbarnga so that she could get on a car to go to Monrovia for goods
While they were en route at 5:00 AM according to an eyewitness, Suspect Samuel Dolo stopped the motorbike at the center of the road and start to beat on his fiancé.

The Lady who could no longer stand the violent act of the man begun to defend herself from the abuse by fighting back.

Eyewitness Nuliee Flomo who was on his normal hunting routine in the bush according to Police Superintendent Fredrick Nappy, heard the noise and thought it was a normal lecture that was ongoing.

According to the Bong County Police Commander, the hunter later heard the sound of a single barrel gun and decided to inquire.

Commander Nappy said when the hunter got on the main road, he saw suspect Samuel Dolo trying to start his motorbike and asked while did he shoot the gun but the suspect did not give any important reason.

The hunter told the police that when he got on the scene, suspect Dolo had already killed Madam Ballah and placed her inside a rice bag.

Hunter Nuilee Flomo told the police that while interrogating the suspect, he (the suspect) wanted to escape but his motorbike could no longer start at which time he (Hunter Nuilee) was able to forcefully perform a citizen’s arrest.

“When I hold his shirt, I later saw a very big bag that the Guineans use to transport groundnut, so I asked him what was in the bag and he told me it was oil but when I opened the bag, I saw the lady who was shot at her back been tied in the bag” He explains.

Suspect Dolo has not made any statement despite questioning from the police before sending him to court.

The situation has led to serious demonstrations in Kpaai District as Motorcyclists burned down two houses owned by relatives of the suspect.

The Motorcyclists prior to setting the houses ablaze were allegedly searching for the suspect to carry on mob justice but the police intervene. Police Commander Fredrick Nappy has called on the public to remain calm as the Police and the community investigates the matter.

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