NAKOL’s President Admonishes Kpelle Ethnic Group To Be Strong

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The President of the National Kpelle Organization of Liberia (NAKOL), Dean Emmanuel B. Sibley is admonishing the kpelle ethnic group which is considered to be the largest group in Liberia to be strong if they are to be successful.

Mr. Sibley said the only successful way of building and maintaining future peace for the unborn generation is to become strong in unity in determining their destiny.

“We must be able now to exert every effort to engage ourselves in commitment to aiding national government to make our people happy at all times,” he stressed.

The NAKOL’s President further said they are aware of the many social and political discrepancies in Liberia right now adding, ‘in the various local administrations among the governed and governors, the security agencies, justice for the commonality’.

President Sibley, “we are aware of the many land crisis going on in the various communities, wherein the counts and security agencies are aiding illegal land encroachers to destabilize the peace our people have being enjoying over the years of their lives.”

He furthered that they as an organization they will do all the constructive engagements with all stakeholders to help find solutions to today’s problems so that the road for tomorrow is smooth.

The NAKOL President informed members of his organization that their failure to achieve these will render their generation irrelevant and the future shall be in perpetual confusion because they failed to pave the way for the future.

Mr. Sibley called on all kpelle people to find motivation in the common saying, ‘Kwa-ke-Tunkpain which means “let us bundle together.”

He said if they are together as a majority group, the achievement of every purpose among them will be very easy and rewarding.

“I warn you to keep in mind that the negative intruder all around you is trying to divert our attention. Be mindful and never allow yourself to be carried away by selfish politician,” he averred.

He made the statement during the first-anniversary celebration of the organization in the Louisiana Town Hall in Montserrado County recently.
For his part, the Vice President for operation Alfred B. Gray reading the historical background of NAKOL said the organization was given birth to on the 17th of November 2013 in the Township of Caldwell in Montserrado County.

According to him, the current strength of the Organization is approximately five thousand registered members, dominance in Montserrado followed by Margibi and Bong Counties. He stated that the Organization also has membership in River Gee, Grand Gedeh and Sinoe Counties respectively.

Mr. Gary however said the aim and objective of the association is to unify the kpelle tribe in Liberia, identify and develop in areas of self actualizations and capacity building, building peace and reconciling the Liberian populace in many ways such as social (medical and education), security (land protection and agriculture development), food production for all Liberians and etc.

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