Breaking: Invincible Eleven (IE) Relegated To Third Division Of Liberian Football


The Liberia Football Association has confirmed, Invincible Eleven (IE) have been relegated to the Third tier of Liberian Football.

LFA said the decision was taken as a result of IE reported failure to pay a fine of L$150,000.00 for a recent forfeiture of a match against Nimba Kwado in Sanniquellie.

Article 10, Section 2.1 of the LFA Rules and Regulations states that any Club especially in the second Division, failing to honor a match except in a case of force majeure determined by the LFA shall forfeit the match and fined LD 150,000.00.

Said payment, according to the Rules and Regulations shall be made immediately before the club next match and that club failing to make the said payment shall be immediately relegated to the next division.

In addendum, Section 2.2 says the LFA shall expunge from the competition any points and/or goals earned in respect of matches played with a club that withdraws, and/or is banned or expelled from the competition.

The LFA further confirmed that IE were reminded of the fine through a communication, but reportedly failed to acknowledge said letter.

The ‘Sunshine Yellow Boys’ have failed to rise up from their slumber since the resignation of Richard Tolbert as President.If LFA decision stands ,IE relegation will be the saddest thing to ever happen to Liberian football in the last decade.

The Club produced some of the nations most successful soccer players, prime among them, current Chief Patron of Sports, George Manneh Weah ….credit Edwin Dolo

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