Corruption Scandal Hangs Over Suspended Sup. Walker In Bong -As Citizens Threaten Lawsuit


Citizens of over eight towns and villages of Jorquelleh District number two in Bong County are calling on suspended Sup. Madam Esther Nyamah Walker to restitute over sixty-seven thousand (67) Liberian Dollars allegedly collected from them by her in 2014.

Speaking in an interview with the Monrovia Times on April 13, 2019, in Jorquelleh District#2 the angry citizens explained that the suspended superintendent collected over sixty-seven thousand Liberian dollars to establish a loan program to empower the less fortunate women in the district.

According to the aggrieved Citizens, Madam Esther Nyamah in consultation with current Liberia’s vice Jewel Howard Taylor and former Central Bank Governor Dr. Joseph Mills Jones collected about six hundred LD from underprivileged women in the name of giving them a loan.

Lately 2017, other women groupings also accused the suspended Superintendent Walker of a huge collection of finances from struggling farmers in Bong Mines and several parts of the County.

“We were told by Madam Walker and VP Taylor that former Central Bank Governor- CBL Dr. Joseph Mills Jones was going to give us a loan to sell and pay our children school fees, but we have realized that it was campaign strategic to collect our money and our votes, the citizens adds.”

Mary Alfred, James Gbai and Lorpu Gbai maintained that Madam Walker took over six hundred and fifty Liberian dollars each from over forty-seven persons in district #2.

They said frantic efforts have been made to retrieve their money but to no avail as she keeps switching off her phone and turning down a series of plan meetings and engagements.

“We are going to sue this suspended Superintendent if she and political mother Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor refuse to give our money back, they noted.”

They citizens wondered why Madam Walker will treat them in such a manner describing the behavior as ugly.

They called on Madam Esther Yamah Walker to refund their money to handle other personal responsibilities.

They narrated that the alleged actions exhibited by Madam Walker and others have the tendency of increasing corruption and poverty on the poor women, adding that they were asked to pay the amount of six hundred fifty (650) Liberian Dollars in order to have access loan from CBL ex-governor in 2014.

Mary Alfred, James Gbai and Lorpu Gbai described Esther Nyamah Walker as a corrupt female in Bong County and Liberia at large.

When contacted by our Bong County correspondent, suspended Superintendent Esther Nyemah Walker responded bitter and harshly on the phone and also stated that she was not ready to speak on the matter.

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