“US Rate Skyrocket Due To Importation” -Agriculture Minister Tells Farmers In Bong

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The Minister of Agriculture Dr. Moganna Flomo Jr. has attributed the continue skyrocketing in the United States Dollars rate due to the importation of Rice and other food items into the country.

He revealed that those who are thinking that President George Weah will just go on the radio and say let the rate be reduced and it just happen are making mistakes.

According to the Liberian Agriculture Minister, the rates continue to skyrocket because of the importation everything, adding that pepper and groundnuts are all been imported from neighboring countries into Liberia.

He said those marketers who often go Guniea to buy pepper, the money they carry is the United States Dollars, adding that they are not able to carry the Liberian Dollars so they have to change the money with a higher rate in the country.

Minister Flomo said the only way to solve these problems in the country is for every citizen to goes back to the soil and stop importing pepper, okra, and ground nuts among others.

According to Dr. Flomo every year the government of Liberia spends over two hundred Million United States Dollars just to import the country staple food rice, noting yet the citizens want the President to go on the radio to say let the rate be reduced from one to fifty it will never work.

He said if the citizens cannot go back to the soil and begin to produce enough food and stop importing rice, Pepper and groundnuts from other countries the rate will continue to go higher.

Dr. Flomo further said it is a shame for Liberia as a Country to always be asking other countries for help, maintaining only us can ask for help; when are we going to begin to give help to other countries? he said.

“We can only do that when we have value ourselves and develop ourselves to the level where we can give out hands to other countries.”

The Minister made the statement on April 27, 209 during the official launching ceremony of the National Cassava Producers Union of Liberia in Melekie Town Jorquelleh District#3 in Gbarnga, Bong County.

2 thoughts on ““US Rate Skyrocket Due To Importation” -Agriculture Minister Tells Farmers In Bong

  1. Hon. Minister, the two hundred million the government spent on imported rice, can be used in our country to produce rice. How it work?
    In my mind the government can establish rich farm in all of the counties in Liberia to produce rice, you know and I know our soil is good for crops production. This is the time for you as minister to put policy in place for the government to establish her own farm in of the counties.

  2. Thank you Mr. Minister for reminding Liberians to take responsibility and stop looking up to the Government and other countries for everything.
    Liberia has a fertile soil, but all of the able body Liberians, who should be engaged in food production have left their rich farm land and moved in the cities. Everybody is now politician in Liberia.
    99% of the noise we are hearing about, “suffering masses” have to do with the lack of food, which is due to the high cost of RICE.
    Liberians need to develop a new mindset. We are too dependent on the Government of Liberia to provide everything for us, including our daily meals, and that is a shame.
    Our neighboring countries are using their local currencies, but Liberians are so crazy about US Dollars.
    The Government of Liberia should not be paying salaries in US Dollars. The Liberian Dollar must be the Legal Tender for all business transactions in Liberia. Dual currencies is the highest leading factor in the US Rate issue in Liberia.

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