Local Disaster Management Committee Embarks On Flood Prevention And Drainage Control Project In Margibi

A specialized local disaster management committee made up of Flood affected Communities under the Banner “Ben Creek Disaster Management Team” has embarked on an exercise gear towards flood prevention and drainage control ahead of this year’s heavy downpour rainy season.

Speaking at the start of the project in Kakata Margibi County over the weekend, Benedict Sackie, Chairman of the specialized local Disaster Management Committee said their aim is to help bring to an end or reduce the high waves of flooding that continues to affect their Communities and dwelling places along the Ben Creek River.

Ben Creek as it is widely known by name is usually flooded by heavy down pour of rain during the rainy season. It can be recalled that during the heat of last year rainfall, dwellers in Denisvile were rescued and evacuated by AFL Navy Battalion when the Ben Creek overflows its banks taking over the community thus forcing them to flee.

Ben Creek pluvial flooding according to an independent survey conducted by our correspondent is caused by Diamond Miners who took advantage of the Country’s darkest days mainly during the nineties in search of Diamond.

It has also been discovered that there are some Liberians who are involved in mining Sand along the River for commercial purposes among others.

According to the survey, the creek usually overflows its banks because the miners were or are blocking the waterway and at the same time diverting the water in pursuit of the precious stone and the Sand; as such the water is now struggling for her pathway to empty its mouth into the Du-River.

About eight Communities along the Ben Creek River in Kakata City are usually hit by floods during the rainy season affecting over four thousand inhabitants and forcing them to leave their homes.

They include Benla Community, Dennisvile, Gotumo Town, Miss-Moore, Benvile, World Bank, Kissi and Bassa communities respectively.

With these challenges, Chairman Benedict Sackie said the affected Communities deemed it necessary to establish the local Disaster management Team on February 15, 2018, in order to manually attend to flood situation with the intent of bringing to an end or reducing the embarrassment which according to him has become a customary and tradition issue for them and their little ones in Kakata.

Chairman Ben Sackie said the committee can only realize its dream if Government and partners including China and Japan support the project with an excavator to open the waterway by 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Denisvile Community J. Vesselle Dennis said though it is difficult and challenging for them to achieve their goal; they are hopeful that at the completion of the flood prevention and drainage control project, the Committee will embark on another plan which is to dig four lagoons with four hundred feet wide and four hundred feet deep to hold the water during the rainy season but needs Government’s intervention and other stakeholders fullest support.

The Ben’s Creek Specialized local Disaster management Committee is meanwhile appealing to the government, Philanthropists grouping and other Stakeholders in Margibi and the Country at large to support the initiative.

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