MOCI Director Of Industrial Compliance Warns Liberians Against Negative Confrontation


The Director of Industrial Compliance at the Ministry of Commerce is warning Liberians against getting involved in a negative confrontation that have the propensity to further divide them.

Director Nyenati Kaffey, Sr. explained that negative confrontation will not help Liberia and Liberians, thereby appealing to Liberian Politicians to give the Weah led-government the needed solution that will move the Country forward rather than creating problems.

“Join the government, if you even went to elections and you didn’t win; it’s time to showcase for people to put trust in you for the next coming election” he expressed.

The MOCI Industrial Compliance Director said it is now time that Liberians unite if Liberia must move forward. Mr. Kaffey said he sees Liberians going in the right direction but what they need to do is to put hands together and work in one accord.

Speaking on the issue of protest, Mr. Kaffey stated that protest can scare away investors especially when it turns to be on the opposite (violent).

“The issue of investment is a problem in this Country since this government took over we have not seen a substantial investor coming to invest in the Country so if the protest comes on and come on the opposite the few that are here run away it will dash our hope down”.

He is, on the other hand, calling on President George Manneh Weah to set up a committee that will include Civil Society Organization, Religious Leaders and other International bodies to be able to mitigate issues and do away with confrontation.

He then attributed some of Liberia’s problems to the Ebola crisis and the subsequent drawdown of UNMIL. He explained that the government took power at the time UNMIL drew down its troops stating that this is one of the factors responsible for the high exchange U.S rate on the Liberian Market.

He narrated that the presence of UNMIL in Liberia contributed to the low U.S rate because they were bringing in money but their drawdown and the Ebola crisis are contributing to Liberia’s problem.

Mr. Kaffey is meanwhile calling on the government to focus its attention on what it thinks will impact the lives of its people.

“What we are saying is in leadership you have to exhibit what we call emotional intelligence, you have to understand your strength and weakness and forget about what people saying” he asserted.

He wants the issue of division of labor to be observed by those in government noting,

‘if you are Minister of finance talk about finance issue that will improve our Country when you are Central Bank Governor talk about Bank Governor thing instead of moving here and there having other people together without authorization going in the street having a press conference that could bring provocation’.

He made the statement at souvenir program marking the graduation of trainees from the Booker Washington Institute-Japan Heavy Equipment Operator School (BWI-JHEOS) held on the School’s Campus over the weekend.

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