Corruption Intensifies At Bong Service Center In Gbarnga

Bong County Service Center Coordinator Jefferson Gbanyan has alarmed the alleged bribery by some unidentified officials at the County Service Center.

According to the County Center Coordinator, several end users at the area have over the time complained to him about some staff actions for the collection of unnecessary funds in the name of a “small thing.”

Appearing as a guest on a local community radio station in the county (Super Bongese FM 104.4 MHz- morning Talk show sunrise) recently in Gbarnga, Mr. Gbanyan, added that his office is exerting all efforts in term of tracking down individuals involved in the illegal collection of extra fees from end users.

Mr. Jefferson Gbanyan also called on beneficiaries of the Service Center to report the any illegal payment of funds to staff of the various line Ministries and Agencies in under the Bong County Service Center in Gbarnga, adding that the alleged corrupt behavior presently ongoing at the government institution has the propensity to increase corruption and scare citizens from the center.

“People are always calling me on my phone alarming allege bribery acts at the Bong County Service Center, but I am yet to identify some of those officials that are engaged in the collection of extra fees from end users, because they are not exposing them upon their requests, Mr.Mr. Gbanyan added.”

The Service Center boss maintained that fourteen Ministries and some Agencies are currently operating under the County Service Center, namely the Ministries of Land and Mines, Internal Affairs, Gender and social protection, Transport, Information, health, Agriculture, Liberia Revenue Authority and Public Works amongst others.

He stated that anyone caught receiving bribes or requesting for bribes will be prosecuted in accordance with the law of Liberia.

He, at the same time, used the medium to call on all staffers working under the Bong County Service Center to desist from the collection of illegal money in order to maintain the good image of the government-run institution.

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