IE Take Appeal Against Relegation To 3rd Division


Liberia oldest football team Invincible Eleven (IE) has taken an appeal against a recent decision by the Liberia Football Association relegating the Yellow Boys to the third tier (3rd Division) of Liberian football.

IE was relegated April 11, 2019, for reportedly failing to pay a fine of $150,000 Liberian Dollar.

The LFA said the sanction was imposed after IE failed to honor a Division-two league match with Nimba Kwado in Sanniquellie, Nimba County on April 6, 2019.

Report however coming in says IE has filed an Appeal, challenging the LFA’s decision to relegate the Club 19 days after the decision.

The report says Club President Raymond Molton paid an appeal fee of 25,000 Liberian Dollar on April 26 after other efforts to overturn the LFA’s decision failed.

Article 10, Section 2.1 of the LFA Rules and Regulations states that any Club especially in the second Division failing to honor a match, except in a case of force majeure determined by the LFA shall forfeit the match and fined LD 150,000.00.

The payment shall be made before the club’s next match and that club failing to make the said payment shall be immediately relegated to the next division.

There have been mixed reactions among IE fans following the club’s relegation to the third division.

The “Yellow Boy” had been struggling financially in the local league for a couple of years now, and recently, former Goalkeeper Raymond Molton and few others staged a “football coup d’état” forcefully taken over the club from Sekou Keita and others.

But since then, the club’s financial problems have refused to cease as the playing team struggled to get to matches and even training.

The Liberia Football Association appeal committee is due to make a determination on the issue.

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