Liberian Scientist Encourage Students To Be Innovative


Liberian Scientist and Inventor Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan is encouraging Liberians students to be innovative if they are to contribute to the development of Liberia and the world at large.

Addressing cross section students of Cuttington University recently in Suakoko District#5, Bong County Dr. Nyan said the progress of Liberia depends on innovation.

Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan who is a biomedical research scientist, a Liberian medical doctor, social activist, and inventor which focuses on infectious disease research told to students to be eager in learning if the country must achieve its developmental goal.

The medical doctor informed students that he studied Chemistry and Zoology at the College of Science and Technology of the University of Liberia. He also holds a degree in human-medicine from Humboldt-University in Berlin.

He further did his post-doctoral fellowship as a biomedical scientist at the University of Pennsylvania and the National Institutes of Health in the United States of America.

The Liberian Scientist and inventor was awarded the “Humane Order of African Redemption” by the former Liberian President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on the 26th of July 2016, when he served as an orator.

The 2014 head of the Diaspora Liberian Emergency Response Task Force on Ebola Crisis wants Liberians to attach innovation to their career for the growth and development of the country.

Dr. Nyan has at the same time cautioned Liberian leaders to make policy that will affect the Country positively, in terms of development.
Moreover, Dr. Nyan won the AIP Special Prize for Social Impact for his invention of new technology to rapidly detect and identify many infections using one test.

Dr. Nyan who recently created a quick diagnostic test that detects HIV, Ebola, Yellow fever virus, Hepatitis B, C, and E, Zika, Malaria, Dengue virus, and West Nile virus which can spot three to seven infections concurrently in ten to forty minutes.

According to him being an activist for democracy and social justice, he was imprisoned by the Liberian military government, adding afterward, he was exiled in 1988.

Following his recent visit to Cuttington University, some students who spoke to The Monrovia Times thanked Dr. C. Patrick Burrows Vice President for Academic Affair and CU’s administration for inviting Dr. Nyan.

The students further lauded Dr. Nyan for his many inventions and always putting Liberia on the map with other Country.

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