President Weah Submits Anti-power Theft Bill To National Legislature For Enactment Into Law

President George Weah has submitted for enactment into law a bill to amend the Penal Law, Chapter 15, by adding thereto a new section 15.88 to provide for Power Theft to be considered a crime that sabotages the country’s development.

The President reminded lawmakers in his communication to the House of Representatives that power theft damages the country’s economic development and is a crime akin to sabotaging the economy and destroys life and property when illegal connections are made, sometimes causing fire outbreak.”

The Liberia leader further stated that the high cost of electricity is also a direct result of massive power theft in the country, noting, “There have been demonstrations in so many communities where transformers are overloaded by illegal customers due to power theft.”

He expressed confidence that the Legislature will enact into law the Act, which he said will improve the country’s energy sector in support of the government’s Pro-poor agenda for Prosperity and Development.

Sayfue Geeplay is the deputy chief clerk of the House of Representatives; he read the president’s communication doing Thursday’s sitting on Capitol Hill.

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