Ahead Of June 7 Protest; British Government Issued Terrorist Alert And Travel Adversary For Liberia


The British government has issued a travel alert for Liberia ahead of the planned June 7 protest. According to the alert issued on May 4, 2019, the British government warned that terrorists are likely to try to carry on an attack in Liberia that will be indiscriminate.

Terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in Liberia. Attacks could be indiscriminate. You should be vigilant, especially in places visited by foreigners. See Terrorism

The British government warned that while it is aware that Protest and demonstration do take place in Liberia, it citizens should avoid large gathering and crowds and follow the instruction of security officials

Protests and demonstrations do take place in Monrovia on occasion. You should avoid protests, demonstrations, large gatherings, and crowds and follow the advice of local authorities.

The warning comes in the wake of the June 7 protest ‘Save The State’ that has drawn concerns from many Liberians across the country and the diaspora.

The British government warned its citizens that in case of a terrorist attack, medical facilities across Liberia are unable to provide the same healthcare as the UK.

General medical facilities throughout Liberia are unable to provide the same standard of healthcare as in the UK. Facilities in rural areas are rudimentary. Many medical facilities expect to be paid up-front for treatment. If you travel to Liberia, stay in contact with your employer or host organisation about the support that they can provide to you while you’re in the country.

The ALERT further state:

If you’re concerned that you might have been exposed to, or showing symptoms of Ebola, you should seek immediate medical advice. If you’re in the UK call NHS on 111.

Avoid travelling at night outside Monrovia, except to or from Roberts International Airport. Make sure you have pre-arranged transport from the airport. See Crime and Road travel

The small British Embassy in Monrovia can only offer limited consular assistance.

If you’re abroad and you need emergency help from the UK government, contact the nearest British embassy, consulate or high commission.

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.


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  1. Why it’s true that we the Liberian people will observe this coming planed protest ,we are kindly asking the international community to observe along with us, so that it will not bring kilyer again to our people, Liberia is becoming unstable for us everything is getting hard day by day, few hand full of people are enjoying the tax payer money. So we need the international community to come our aid.

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