“ANC Best Alternative For Liberian In 2023”- Cummings Tells Partisans


Nimba County: The Political leader of the Alternative National Congress, Alexander Benedict Cummings says the alternative Liberia deserves is the persuasive need to rebrand the nation’s history.

ANC leader lashed at President George Manneh Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change-led government’s incompetence amid the alleged missing L$16 billion and vaguely executed US$25 million mop-up exercises.
Mr. Cummings alleged that the Weah-led administration has absolutely no clue in changing the deplorable living conditions of the Liberian people. He maintained that President Weah has deliberately ignored the Code of Conduct and violated every Public Financial Management Law of the country.

“The President’s inability to openly declare his asset prior to building huge duplexes and acquiring numerous properties he could not acquire before his ascendancy, clearly suggests that Mr. Weah and associates are on a stealing extravaganza,” Cumming stressed.

ANC political leader at the same time admonished partisans to see things that may seem bleak at the moment for their nation as it is glaring that all of the gains made by the past administration are being quickly eroded and their nation is fast sinking back into the gulf of hopelessness.

“I know and empathize with the struggles each of you face in finding jobs, paying your children’s school fees and feeding your families. I know how much some of you are targeted, sidelined and denied employment opportunities, solely on the basis of your political association with the ANC, which is a violation of your constitutional rights.
However, I am of the strongest conviction that all is not lost. We have been through more difficult times before but it is in our nature as Liberians to always find a way to pull ourselves by the bootstrap and overcome our challenges.
Most importantly, as members of the ANC, we have in our hands and written on our faces the energy and fortitude needed to change the course of our country, as the Alternative Liberia Deserves comes 2020 and 2023 general elections.

Let us not lose sight of this singular hope that the Almighty has bestowed upon us as partisans of the ANC.” Cummings averred

He further called on partisans to continue to keep their commitment to their party and love for the country and each other as the guiding principles on which they will work to achieve their goals, mission and vision for Liberia.
He admonished partisans of the ANC to continue to go into the nook and cranny of every village and settlement, community and city and spread the message of the ANC as the alternative to bad governance, poverty and hardship.

The ANC big man vowed that they are going to commit to saving the state from bad governance by holding the CDC-led government accountable and presenting solutions to the problems faced by the country.
Moreover, he cautions partisans not to forget that this time; they have to work with other members of the opposition in the spirit of unity and collaboration.

The opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader made the statement at the 3rd National Convention of the party was held in Compa City, Nimba County under the theme: “The Alternative Liberians Deserve” which run from May 3rd to the 4th

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