“Leadership Deficits In Liberia” -Says Wilmot Paye


The chairman of the former ruling Unity Party, Wilmot Paye says there is a leadership deficit in Liberia which is affecting all sectors of the Country.

According to Mr. Paye there is a leadership deficit with the Presidency, Judiciary, both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

“When I say deficit, I don’t mean titles. Leaders who know what to do will not focus on insignificant things that don’t impact the country,” Paye continued.

The tough-talking Wilmot Paye further stated that the June 7 protest is intended to send a strong message to President George Weah to do what he promised in his inaugural speech on January 22, 2018.

Paye boastfully said they we coming together not to win trophies or to satisfy our ambitions but to ensure that President Weah does the right things he promised Citizens of the country.

The chairman of the former ruling Unity Party vowed that no amount of negotiations by the ruling Coalition of Democratic Change will not turn away their plans.
The UP Chairman said it is important that Liberians come together and support the protest in order to liberate the country, maintaining that

‘If we don’t stand up in unison, Liberia will be doomed further. Yes, we don’t have war in Liberia, but what we have now is more than war, so the June 7 protest is a must.’

He admonished partisans of the collaboration to continue to go into the nook and cranny of every village and settlement, community and city and spread the message of the parties as the alternative to bad governance, poverty and hardship.
Mr. Paye made the statement at the two days the National convention of the ANC in Compa City, Nimba County, adding that convention comes at the time when the hardship in the country is increasing rapidly on a daily basis in the country.

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