LIFLEA Officials Urged To Apply Coaching Leadership Style

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The newly inducted officials of the Liberia Female Law Enforcement Association (LIFLEA) Margibi Chapter have being urged to apply the coaching style of leadership.

The Director of Vital Statistics at the Ministry of Health, Prince Kaba Momolu speaking during the induction ceremony of the leadership in Kakata over the weekend said leaders are people who influence their followers to take action and make decisions be it positive or negative and those decisions portray the characteristics of the leaders.

“It is my passionate plead that the team here today will use the coaching leadership style” he added.

According to Momolu, a coaching leader is someone who can quickly recognize their team members’ strengths, weaknesses and motivations to help each individual improve.

He recounted that this type of leader often assists team members in setting smart goals and then provides regular feedback with challenging projects to promote growth adding, ‘they’re skilled in setting clear expectations and creating a positive motivating environment’.

Mr. Momolu explained that the global community today is at a difficult time and moment of uncertainty. He intoned that there are tons of problems requiring leadership and solution some of which he said are economic, political and even security related.

“Nevertheless, one thing is certain; leadership is needed, it is high time that we maximize the values of good leadership. One of the key values of leadership is morality, the exercise of morality breeds integrity and better judgment” he expressed.

The MOH Director of Vital Statistics said morality which is doing the right thing when no one is looking will remove the blindfolds of being called the boss or the commander. He mentioned that morality will employ wisdom as the basis for every action while the rule of Law will form the core of every decision.

Mr. Momolu further asserted that morality in this context is not only limited to leaders but to everyone and it will ensure that people do not live beyond their means and expect those in authority to break the law and give them preference because they know them.

The Director meanwhile reminded the leadership about some necessary importance about women involvement into national security and service delivery to the general population showcasing three ways in which women are having positive impacts on law enforcement practices.

He averred that one of the widely acknowledged benefits of recruiting more women for careers in criminal justice is the fact that “women officers are less likely to use excessive force or pull their weapon and they are defendants in lawsuit far less often than men”.

Mr. Momolu said this is especially important during the period when police use of force is under increased scrutiny, often causing heightened tensions between police and the communities they serve.

Secondly, he narrated that one of the most critical areas where women law enforcement can make a difference is in addressing violence against women and sex crimes. “It is absolutely critical to have women working in criminal justice,” he said.

Thirdly, Momolu noted that studies have shown that female officers are less authoritarian in their approach to policing, less reliant on physical force and are more effective communicators.
He, however, expressed hope that the leadership will serve as an agent of change and remain steadfast and focus on ensuring that they do the right thing.

For her part, the Director of Records/Statistics and head (President) of the women organization encouraged and admonished the leadership of Margibi to be firm as they stair the affairs of LIFLEA in the County.

Madam Catherine Bedell Solomo reminded the leadership that LIFLEA is a women organization as such; they need to work harder to champion women’s cause in what she called male dominant field.

She called on other female law enforcement officers to support the leadership so as to enable the LIFLEA officials to work in their interest.
Madam Solomon giving a brief overview of LIFLEA said the group was established as the result of some female police officers dying in childbirth with no attention.

With this situation, she said the female law enforcement officers including public and private officers decided to establish the group in order to be one another’s keeper.

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of LIFLEA in Margibi says her leadership is committed to having a clean and decent service but said to make that happens, the leadership is seeking to construct a multi-purpose office in the County.

Musu Kamara who is the deputy commander of the Liberia Immigration Service in Margibi stated that if the work of the Liberia Female Law Enforcement Association must be enhanced in Kakata City, then her leadership will definitely need the support of all both morally and financially.

For this noble undertaking, we are kindly appealing to you for all the financial, material and workforce. Please contribute as per your ability, for if you can contribute workforce someone will contribute material and others will contribute finance, it becomes a joint undertaking that we can all be proud of” she asserted.

She used the occasion to thank the national head of the Liberia Female Law Enforcement Association, Madam Assatu Bah Kanneth for what she termed an impact she (Kanneth) has made in the lives of females and the Country at large.

Those inducted include officers Musu G. Kamara Coordinator, Pauline Kortu Deputy Coordinator, Leelah M. Mcgill Advisor and Felecia C. Kpaingbah General Secretary respectively.

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