LRNCS Begins Nationwide Orientations In Bong

Liberia’s Red Cross Society(LRNCS) has embarked on a three-day nationwide orientation training in Gbarnga with several International guests from Nigeria, Senegal and the United States of America in attendance.

The Liberia National Red Cross Society in 2016 conducted its Chapter elections ushering in new leadership through a credible and transparent process in the fifteen counties of Liberia.

Chapter Executive Committee across the Country is made of one hundred and five (105) elected officials including fifteen (15) appointed eminent persons; over eighty (80) percent of the elected officials of the Liberia Red Cross are new to the workings of the Red Cross, Red Crescent Movement.

The programme will target five (5) persons per each chapter, the president and youth representative at the national level and the headquarters leadership.

Addressing delegates at the opening of the three-day induction training Tuesday in Gbarnga, the Liberia Red Cross Society National President, Jerome Clarke said the exercise is intended to train their staffers for the sustainability of the institution successes over the years.

The Liberia Red Cross Society boss described the ongoing induction seminar in Gbarnga as the first of its kind in Liberia.
President Clarke also urged participants to make proper use of the induction training for the betterment of the Liberia Red Cross Society across the Country.

According to the LNRCS head, it is expedient to build the capacity and enhance the understanding of the governance members on the RC Movement history, components, fundamental principles, Emblems as well as the LNRCS auxiliary role, movement working mechanism, humanitarian Diplomacy including the roles and responsibilities of the governance members.

“At this national induction training, we are targeting eighty (80) members of the chapter Executive Committee including the chapter Chairperson, First Vice, Second Vice, Third Vice, Treasurer, Youth Representative and the appointed eminent persons in the Chapter, Mr.Clarke added”.

Since the election, there has been no formal induction training, as the result, there are often violations of the fundamental principles of the Red Crescent and the code of conduct unknowingly thereby making it challenging to make the presence of RC relevant and enhance it visibility in the local context.

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