“Comes June 7 I Will Not Demonstrate” Rep. Fofana Breaks Silence

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Margibi electoral district #4 Representative Ben A. Fofana has finally broken silence on the “June 7 Protest” distancing himself from the process.

Despite being a stalwart of one of the seven (7) Political Parties (Unity Party) that have joined the Council of Patriots, the Margibi Lawmaker said he will not form part of the pending protest.

Rep. Fofana narrated that he belongs to a political party called the Unity Party, a Party that led Liberia for 12-years.

He revealed that the Party has issued an official statement to join the Council of Patriots to march on the 7th of June 2019 noting that it is their right to do so, but he as an individual is a member of the government of Liberia and he has a platform (the Legislature) as such; if the government does wrong and he wants to take issue up with them he has to do that on the house’s floor instead of protesting.

The Lawmaker said he is part of the government of Liberia for the fact that he was elected as Representative of District #4 and he is a member of the 54th national legislature to be exact the House of Representatives.

Rep. Fofana added that he has a platform if the situation is that the Weah-led government is not performing, they have their own way of providing oversight over the government in terms of those things that are not right something he said to the best of his ability they are doing giving the circumstances they find themselves and they should continue on that path.

“I am part of the government, government comprises of the people from the Legislature where I work, people from the Judiciary and the Executive; one person can’t make a government even you, you are part of the government” he added.

The Margibi Lawmaker said he is not an advocate neither is he playing an advocacy role adding that what can do is to make law, have oversight and make representation.

He said if people who do not have the platform he has, feel that the government is doing nothing and they want to demonstrate, he will not demonstrate.

Rep. Fofana said he strongly believes that demonstration is not the way forward in the midst of a disagreement, upheaval or political understanding. He said it is the right of people to demonstrate but warned that Liberia’s situation is still fragile.

Hon. Fofana, “Let me assume that the organizers of the demonstration have a good intention and they want to have a peaceful march, other people with bad intention will want to join that group and take advantage of it to spoil the whole Country”.

He said he is not convinced that it is about time for Liberians to get in the streets in the name of the demonstration.

Rep Fofana stated that the Unity Party led-government was in power for the past twelve years and now is the Coalition led-government which is the government of Liberia and was supported by all whether from the opposition Unity Party, Alternative National Congress (ANC) or from whichever party.

He said the Coalition government is the government everyone should support if they want the betterment of the Country. According to him, the only obligation the oppositions have is to expose the wrongdoing of the government should there be any.

“I am not going to go sit down somewhere and just put out a story and lie that this government has not done anything or this government is doing this when I don’t have the prove; of course all is not roses” he narrated.

He noted that since the government took over January of 2018, peace has been in the Country.

He expressed the need for those who have problem with the government to use the alternative dispute resolution (Dialogue) to seek redress something the Lawmaker said he believes is the way forward.

Rep. Fofana made the statement at the end of a meeting held in Larkay-ta Township, District #4 Margibi County.

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