Gou Citizens Decry Marginalization From Senator -Accusing Him For Abandoning Developmental Projects Promises

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Several citizens of Gou town in Meinquelleh Clan, Zota District have expressed serious dismay over the way Bong County Senator Dr. Henrique Flomo-Tokpa has and continues to ignore commitment made by him during the 2014 special senatorial elections and 2018 by-elections.

It can be recalled during the Special Senatorial election in 2014 and 2018, Dr. Henrique Flomo Tokpa was invited to Gou town by the citizens through Mr. James Namolon Paye to ascertain some of the development needs confronting them.

According to report, Dr. Tokpa congratulated the people of Meinquelleh Clan and promised to help better the living standard of them, especially in the area of roads rehabilitation and other necessities whether he won or not a promise majority of the citizens believe, has not been met by Senator Tokpa irrespective of his ascendancy in 2018 at the Senate.

At that occasion, the citizens pledged their loyalty to Dr. Tokpa a commitment that saw huge votes cast in his favor though he was unsuccessful to clinch the seat from Mrs. Jewel Howard-Taylor of the National Patriotic Party-NPP in 2014.

Angrily and disappointingly speaking to The Monrovia Times over the weekend in Gou-Fetuah, the citizens through one of their chiefs Flomo Juah stated that though Dr. Tokpa did not win the election in 2014 but the citizens supported him in the 2018 by-elections.

Chief Juah noted that for too long they have voted politicians into power at their own frustration a condition he said will not be repeated especially in the 2020 special senator elections and future elections as well.

The Gou Chief said although Dr. Tokpa has not returned to the people of Gou to appreciate them for the 2014 and 2018 elections they remain firm to asking to him to help them better their lives through his developmental promises.

Our reporter who recently toured the terrain says the living condition of the citizens is appalling in the areas of health, safe drinking water coupled with the bad road network.

When contracted the Bong County Senator Henrique Flomo Tokpa, through an aide and chairman of the Friends of Tokpa, Cassius Kpoeh described the allegation as baseless and ambiguous which is just intended to discuss with the Senator.

Mr. Kpoeh has reaffirmed the commitment of the former Cuttington University President now senator of the County in reconciling the citizens in irrespective of their political differences in Bong County.

He further said Senator Tokpa has embarked on a country-wide tour in order appreciate voters in the county for electing him at the Honorable Liberian Senate.

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