Liberia Land Authority Ends National Awareness Workshop On The Land Right Law In Margibi

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The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) has ended a day-long national awareness workshop on the Land Right Law in Kakata City Margibi County.

The national awareness workshop which brought together stakeholders and community members was held at the Kakata City Hall over the weekend.

Speaking to newsmen at the end of the workshop, the commissioner responsible for Administration and customer services and Acting Chairman of the Liberia Land Authority Atty. J. Adams Manobah said the workshop was intended to help the Liberian people understand their rights, the restriction and other benefits that the law will provide them.

According to him, the Law was enacted in 2019 and published in October but not many know what is in the final version that was passed by the lawmakers though many people are head of it.

“The aim is first of all the Liberian people just enacted the Liberia Land Right Law, since last year October 10th it was published; not many people know about this law, of course, some of them they are head of it but the final version that was passed by the Lawmakers, not many people know what they have in the Law so we are here to help them understand their rights and the restriction and other benefits that the law will provide them” he explained.

Commissioner Manobah indicated that in time past the Government of Liberia signed a concessional agreement with Companies who just go into the Communities (interior) and start operation but said the new law provides that before any Company takes a portion of any community land the affected community has to be consulted through the government.

He intoned that before any operation starts, the affected community should know about the Company and their benefits before giving their approval terming it as one important part of the Land Right Law.

Commissioner Manobah “the other part is now the law has come into force and the law says the tribal people once they have no problem with their neighbors whatever land they sit on that land is for them so we need to inform them”.

He mentioned that the coming into force of the Law will minimize the conflict that takes place between company and communities, communities and government and even between and among individuals.

He, however, expressed that his expectation is for the Liberian people to know their rights, how to know their rights and their limitation as it is in the Law.

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