Senator Yallah Embarks On Rehabilitation Of Feeder Roads In Gbarnga

The Office of Bong County Senator Henry Willie Yallah has broken grounds for the rehabilitation of several feeder roads in Gbarnga, Bong County.

The office through its official spokesperson Jeremiah Wilson told Journalists that the rehabilitation will affect the Colleins Street, a portion of the Dementa road, the Sunday market to the CEPRESS Campus road amongst others.

Some of the residents who spoke in an interview with The Monrovia Times in the county said they are happy that Senator Yallah to has broken ground for the rehabilitation of various Communities roads, but accuses local leaders for the backwardness of Development in Bong County

The Citizens said in 2012 the leadership of the county budgeted US$ 662,300 from their County Social Development Funds to procure a front-end loader, a Motor grader and a Dump truck to rehabilitate existing roads and open new ones.

The citizens said the Vendor name has not been disclosed, but it was reported that the county leadership at the time paid an amount of US$ 634,300 for the front- end loader and the Motor grader, with a balance of US$28,000 to complete payment for the Dump truck if the first set of equipment arrived.

But it has been established that the County is yet to pay the anonymous vendor his balance money to take delivery of the truck. The front –end loader and the Motor grader were refurbished, even though members of the 53rd Bong County legislature Caucus along with others said the machines were brand new. Then Senator Taylor defaulted with her colleagues at that time on grounds that the Machines were new.

According to the citizens, the machines were used by the county leadership to repair some of the deplorable streets in the city since 2013 and were also used on rotation by some members of the 53rd Caucus in their districts to rehabilitate their roads.

“Riding on these roads are terrible because the roads are bad, and potholes are all around. It is difficult, it is actually dangerous to ride around Gbarnga,” a Motorcyclist complained.

Mr. Wilson revealed that the office of the Bong County Senator has over the past observed that citizens of Gbarnga, especially commuters, encounter lot of challenges during as a result of the bad roads maintaining that it is quite important for the Senator’s office to timely intervene the situation.

He said besides the roads that are earmarked, Senator Yallah will continue to rehabilitate farm to Market roads in the County.

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