“Don’t Be Part Of June 7 Protest”- Student Leader Tells Citizens


The President of the Bong University Student Association (BUSA) at the United Methodist University, Darkutalee E. Massadee has admonished citizens in County not to participate in the pending June 7 protest in the Country.

Even though it is still unclear whether the majority of Bong citizens will be part of the June 7 protest, but President, Massadee has admonished Bongese to stay away from the protest.

The Bong County Student leader told citizens that organizers of the planned June 7 protest have their children out of the country.
The tough-talking student leader said that even though the nation is facing a lot of challenges protest is not the way forward.

Additionally, Masadee also made reference to the April 14, 1979 rice riot that took place in Liberia when many people lost their lives and properties.

She further recounted that during the regime of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, citizens also faced challenges in the country especially budget shortfall.

She, at the same, time said by going into the street to protest will not be the right thing for citizens of the country.

Madam Massadee revealed that Bong County was a victim of several demonstrations that took place in the country.
Meanwhile, the Bong Student leader, wants Liberians to work together in making sure that the country becomes a better place instead of making the area to appear ugly.

She told the citizens to dialogue as doing so will draw the thoughtfulness of the government to timely implement things that will ensure dividends for the indigenous citizens in Liberia and forget streets protest.

She further said that gone are the days when citizens of Liberia were moved by little or nothing to carry on unlawful acts stating, they have no plan to leave their busy schedules for protest in Monrovia.

President Massadee said dialoguing with the government is the best way of handling the problem.

She made the statement on May 14, 2019 in Belefanai Town, Zota District#4 at a one-day interaction forum with children and Youth in the district.

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