Margibi Caucus, County Administration Visit April 1st Demonstration Sites In District #5

May 13, 2019 made it exactly one month twelve days and two months twelve days since the execution of a demonstration that led to the destruction of properties and the arrest of several alleged perpetrators in Weala Margibi County and the alleged killing of a commercial motorcyclist identified as Moses Wolopaye commonly known as PCK in Gibi District that also led to the April 1, 2019 demonstration.

It can be recalled that the remains of the deceased was discovered in Gibi with parts missing on March 1, 2019 but his colleagues said no effort was made on the part of the Police to bring the perpetrator (s) to book something the police denied.

It led to the motorcyclists and other citizens taking the streets of Weala in demand for justice and it resulted into the burning down of public and private facilities such as the Weala police station, the Baypolu Police Station and the Magisterial Court as well as properties belonging to a man identified as Steven Tokpah who was then accused of being behind the killing of their colleague because his (Steven Tokpah) I.D. Card was reportedly found by the remains of Moses Wolopaye.

Though since the killing of the motorcyclist and the demonstration, other members of the Caucus and the County Administration have been visiting the district and making some efforts, the Caucus and the County Administration on May 13, 2019 made an official field trip to the scenes of the damage properties, owner of the private properties and family of the late Wolopaye.

The trip saw the presence of the Chairman and Secretary of the Margibi County Legislative Caucus, Ben A. Fofana and Ivar K. Jones also of electoral districts 2 and 4 respectively.

Margibi County Superintendent and his code of officers were visibly seen while Hon Clarence G. Gahr was represented by his Chief of Office Staff Momo Morris due to poor health condition as the rest of the Caucus members were absent probably due to some other engagements.

The tour which started from Weala was extended to German Camp Junction where the majority of Mr. Tokpah’s properties were damaged as well as the lone Police Station in that Community and ended in Baypolu.

Speaking to newsmen about the one day tour, the Caucus Chair Ben A. Fofana said their field trip was a fact finding mission intended to see the level of damage caused by the protesters and engage stakeholders in the Township as well as visiting the bereaved family of Moses Wolopaye.

“As you may be aware, a few weeks ago there was a death incident here in this Community that had to do with a motorcyclist and that led to misunderstanding between the citizens and us as a government represented by the National Police of Liberia and as the result of that they took the matter in their own hands that resulted in the damaging of properties both public and the private citizens as well” he said.

He said at the level of the Caucus, they have been in touch with the police and the local authority as to what was unfolding in the area adding that when the Caucus was properly advised by the police detachment of the County that the situation was being brought to normality they deemed it necessary to go on a fact finding mission.

Rep. Fofana stated that though they have been hearing about the incident from Stakeholders, the Police and other people it was necessary for them to see for themselves.

The Margibi Caucus Chair noted that during their field trip, they were able to see the father of the late Moses Wolopaye (motorcyclist) and the level of damages caused by the protesters, but said they are waiting for the outcome of the ongoing investigation.

He was quick to inform the public that there are two prompt investigations ongoing one of which has to do with the killing of the motorcyclist and the damaging of properties by the protesters as the second one.

Hon. Fofana at the same time assured families of the deceased and victims of the April 1 protest those individuals who will be allegedly responsible for the acts will be arranged before the law for the law to take its course.

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