Rep. Jones Craves Selflessness Amongst Liberians -Wants Citizens Buttress Central Government’s Efforts

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Margibi District #2 Representative Ivar Kokulo Jones has craved selflessness amongst Liberians describing it as an integral part of Unification.

Representative Jones reminded Liberians that what will keep them together and make the Country to move forward is selflessness. He said in the absent of selflessness where proud will take over all and people feel that they are right, they may not be able to unify themselves for the development that they want to see at the end.

He stated that even whether someone is being offended correctly or wrongly, in order for the Country to move forward, he or she should reconcile with his/her brother with a selfless spirit.

“This is why I am saying selflessness plays a key role in unification so let us put aside our grieve, our ambition or maybe being right or so forth once it comes to national unity let us be selfless and understand that Liberia is our common patrimony by that we should be able to reconcile for the forward march of our Country.”

Rep. Jones used the occasion to call on Liberians to bring on the table what they can do so as to buttress the effort of the central government and move the Country forward though he said lots have been done.

The Margibi Lawmaker explained that no one person has a monopoly over knowledge and whatever someone thinks he/she can bring on the table that will be used to move the Country forward he thinks will be in the best direction of everyone.

According to him, one way he thinks Liberians can do that is by becoming selfless and buttressing central government effort to ensuring that some of those things that are of major concern in the various communities people can take self-initiative to get them done.

“Like when there is a health hazard in our community as the result of either dirty water behind our house, either due to the multiplicity of either the breeding of mosquito; it could hamper us though it is government responsibility to ensure that she provides good healthcare, security and education but who feels the pinch it is the citizens” he expressed.

Hon. Jones also indicated that he thinks citizens should be a part of the process and by that one can understand that selflessness plays a key role.

“I am calling on members of the Friends of Ivar Kokulo Jones and the rest of the others under my voice and Liberia at large to be selfless because when you understand selflessness, it’s an integral part of Unification. Based upon that I am calling on everyone that if we should move our Country forward we have to do it as a unit and in order to be a unit we must be united” he told newsmen at the end of the Friends of Ivar Kokulo Jones quarterly strategy assessment and fundraising program held at the Margibi Intellectual Center in Kakata on May 14, 2019.

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