For Reportedly Referring To Bassa Citizens As chicken, Angry Citizens Declare Grand Bassa County No-Go-Zone For Yekeh Kolubah

A group of Grand Bassa citizens has vowed to resist the entry of Representative Yekeh Kolubah to Buchanan City if he doesn’t apologize for referring to Bassa people as chicken.

The Bassa citizens Thursday converged on the grounds of the Capitol, petitioning the plenary of the House of Representatives to warn their colleague from visiting Bassa, while demanding an apology from the Montserrado District 10 lawmaker.

The Spokesman of the group, Melvin Ableejay Wloh accused Representative Kolubah of referring to Bassa people as chicken while appearing on a local radio station.

Receiving the petition, House speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers thanked the group four exercising their constitutional right and promised to deliver the document to the plenary of the House.

For his part, Grand Bassa County District #3 Representative Matthew Joe has given his backing to citizens of the county, thereby calling on his colleague Kolubah to apologize.

One comment

  • One confused character like Yekeh Kolubah idiot ,who beats his mom and jailed her called the people of Grand Bassa chicken?If he doesn’t apologize to us,we will tell him that we are not as confused as he is.


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