“Liberian Deserves A Sense Of Justice & Accountability” – Swedish Embassy Tells GOL


The Swedish Embassy near Monrovia says the people of Liberia have lived through an unimaginable tragedy and they deserve a sense of justice and accountability in the Country.

The Embassy said it is important to have all the pieces in place if the government of Liberia wants to pursue the endeavor of establishing a war crime court.

The Embassy also caution the government of Liberia to ensure that all alleged perpetrators of gross human rights violations and war crimes are impartially prosecuted, if found guilty, convicted and punished in accordance with the gravity of the acts committed.

The Embassy further said the establishment of a war crimes court will make painful memories resurface which will most likely create a need for psychosocial support, noting that there are resources to provide that in the Country.

They also want the government to take all necessary measures to implement the recommendations of the True and Reconciliation Commission to develop and implement a comprehensive reparations scheme for all victims of gross human rights violations and war crimes; redouble its efforts aimed at fostering reconciliation and sustaining peace.

“This comes with several advantages such as protecting against the return to power of perpetrators; fulfilling an obligation to the victims and individualizing responsibility which is crucial in the eradication of the perception that whole communities are responsible for violence and atrocities,” the Embassy said.

However, retributive justice also tends to ignore or sideline the real feelings and needs of victims and issues with material obstacles such as resource scarcity can seriously hinder the delivery of adequate justice.

In light of this, the stance that the need and want for justice and accountability is legitimate, maintaining that it is important to make sure that the structures to carry out a complete process of retributive justice are in place and to avoid the risk of creating more damage.
The Swedish Embassy has vowed to continue to partner with Liberia in the efforts to strengthen greater respect for human rights in the country.

The statement was made on May 16, 2019 by Elisabeth Harleman an aid in the Embassy on behalf of the Swedish Ambassador Ingrid Wetterqvist, in Gbarnga, Bong County at the opening ceremony of a three day National Colloquium on the implementation of the TRC Report and Recommendation organize by the Independent National Commission on Human Rights in collaboration with the Centre for Democracy and Development.

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