Senators Debate Tuition-Free Education At Government Run Universities – Says Decision Was Hasty


Members of the Liberian Senate are debating a tuition-free education policy announced by President Weah, describing the decision as hasty.

In an attempt to address the educational needs of every Liberian, President Weah announced tuition-free education at government-run universities and colleges in the country.

Recently, the Senate Committee on Education presented a report to the Senate full plenary, highlighting that there was no consultation on the introduction of such policy statement.

But on Tuesday, some Senators in an initial debate on the matter mentioned that the President was ill-advised on the introduction of the free tuition program without taking into consideration the source of revenue to fund the free tuition program.

Senators including Varney Sherman, Milton Teahjay, and Daniel Naatehn argued that special criteria need to be set up acquainting beneficiaries of the free tuition program to contribute their quota upon completion of their university studies.

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