Amputee National League Returns After 5 Years


Amputees Football League returned to action this week at the SKD Sports Complex after 5 years of dormancy.

The Amputees National Football Championship resumed with four clubs participating in a home and away fixtures.
The four teams are Survivors who won the title in 2014, the last time the competition was staged, LASA, Monrovia Giants and Conquerors.

Champions Survivors began the defense of their title with a 7-0 win over Conqueror at the start of the competition.

Morilai Boakai scored a hat-trick, while Fallah Varney got a brace as Survivors conquered the Conquerors.
Prince Wyman and John Paye scored one each to wrap up the win for the champions.

Monrovia Giants and LASA held each other to a 1-1 draw in the late match.
Amputees Football activities in Liberia became dormant in 2014 after the then president of the group Melvin Goteh along with several of his key officials and players left the country for the United States, where they remain presently.

They left the Amputees sporting body with no funding to carry on operations and sold the minibus given them by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Cooper George who recently won the Presidency of the Amputees Football said he wants Amputees league to get back on as they tried to take their activities to other parts of the country.

The Liberia Amputees National Football Team is back-to-back Champions in African Amputees football and is hoping to return to the tournament this year.

Mr. Cooper George is meanwhile calling for support to Amputees who want to do meaningful things in the country.

The league will continue Wednesday with Champions tackling LASA in game one and Survivors will attempt to put behind them that humiliation against the champions when they face Monrovia Giants in game two.

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