Gou Citizens Plan To Boycott 2020 Elections

County News

Citizens of Gou town in Meinquelleh Clan Zota District say they are preparing to boycott the 2020 special senatorial elections due to the lack of interests on the part of leaders of the county and the country to better their living condition.

The aggrieved citizens through Mr. Flomo Juah the town chief of Menina told The Monrovia Times that the 2020 senatorial election will be a test case for them as citizens most especially register voters to show to politicians and would be politicians in future elections that they will prefer staying home instead of participating in the processes.

According to Mr. Flomo Juah, for too long they have voted politicians into offices without any fair share of their development priorities noting, they will not form part of any elections until their cries are addressed by the leadership of Bong and Liberia.

He wonders while it is true that voting in national elections is a must but the need for leaders who get into powers at their expense turn back and think of the sacrifices they as people continue to make to give them elected status.

Mr. Juah said consultations are underway amongst the over eight of the largest towns surrounding Gou to back off from any planned election noting the constitution provides both sides for them as citizens to vote or to not vote.

Meanwhile, Town Chief Flomo Juah asserts that though they are planning on staying from the 2020 and other elections in the area but they remain firm to appealing to Senator Henry Yallah to address some of their concerns.

They believe that Senator Yallah as one of the true sons of the county will listen to their cry and cater to them.

According to them, they are eagerly awaiting Senator Yallah to help improve the bad road network that continues to serve as a death trap for them.

It can be recalled that late last year an eminent citizen of Gou on behave of the hundreds of citizens presented the Kpatawee-Gou road project to Senator Yallah for assistance, a situation they greeted with joy and promised to provide some food and other items to the workforce to side brush the road and do some minor repairs on the mini-bridges.

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