“Support Each Woman Political Journey Through Village Savings” Montserrado County Senatorial Candidate Recommends


Women’s Political Participation throughout African politics has been marred with financial and economic strengths during electoral processes which would mean that the rising need for women to be empowered is met.

The case would not be similar to that of Liberia where women are gradually being given the space and chance to earn means of survivability and livelihood while men as per tradition are the breadwinners.

Couple with traditional and culture barriers hindering women’s political and leadership role in society, Macdella Cooper, an entrepreneur has stressed the need for Liberian women to rally and begin a village saving club to support other women’s political ambitions in future elections.

Women’s representation at the National Legislature continues to decline thus posing a major challenge to championing the cost of women’s rights bills and other pertinent issues to creating a warm environment. In 2011, the number of women lawmakers had dropped to 7% to that of 2005 where it was at 11% in total representation from the Lower and Upper Houses.

The need to support more women for the Legislature keeps growing as there is only one woman at the Senate following the death of Senator Geraldine Doe-Sherrif. Macdella Cooper is amongst contenders for the vacant seat in Montserrado County during this July 2, 2019 by-election.

According to Macdella, as a senator, she intends to make Montserrado County a place where the world can view Liberia as a safe and illustrious for positive business purposes. Her platform focuses on creating jobs, the avenue for better education, and ensuring a crime reduced environment.

“We want to make the youths of Montserrado County busy with jobs that would generate some livelihood for their families in that way crimes will be reduced, improve the business climate for investors to help rebuild Liberia and I have been doing this all my life and will continue to do it”.

Ms. Cooper believes a specific barrier to women’s political growth is finance which she indicated rules the world and society in general.

She mentioned that the idea of the Village savings for women in Political spaces will help women from the suppressing and muscling from Political institutions in the Country.

“It’s so sad that women have to sell themselves to gain political relevance which would influence the rise of independent candidates in succeeding elections but we must rise up.”
“No political Party in Liberia is women-friendly and as a result, they downplayed women’s potential and dash their hopes for achieving their dreams by tying it to the strengths in finances”.

Speaking further, Madam Cooper acknowledged the growing economic hardship in the country but emphasized that in order for women to be independently supported and empowered for political positions there is a need for rallying savings to help.

“The 2017 elections brought the realities of these things out and many women were victims, some came crying at my house at midnight to include their names on my Party list to submit to NEC because their parties downplayed them and I personally paid for all the women that were registered on my Party ticket”, She noted.

In the 2017 General Elections, Macdella Cooper was the lone female presidential candidate representing the Liberia Restoration Party which produced the 30% women candidates as per the Election Laws for submission.

Due to her quest for women’s empowerment and social justice, Macdella envisions that more women will be empowered to compete for political positions and have a voice at the Legislature for full representation which will ensure the passage of several instruments gear towards the empowerment and safe space for women.

The Village Savings, Macdella stated it will be a long term initiative that will help emerging women politicians throughout the country aspiring for political offices who are financially challenged to meet the competition ahead which would increase their support for victory.

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