Margibi Superintendent Chopped Ramadan Gifts?

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Margibi County Superintendent Jerry Varnie is being accused of using a portion of the Ramadan gifts that were sent to the County for the Muslim Community.

It can be recalled that President George Manneh Weah through the Internal Affairs Minister gave three million Liberian dollars along with three thousand bags of 25kg pro-poor rice to the Superintendent Council of Liberia to be distributed among Muslims in the fifteen Counties of Liberia in observance of this year’s Holy Month of Ramada.

Margibi County Superintendent reportedly received L$150,000 along with 150 bags of rice to be presented to Muslims in the County through the Margibi County Muslim Council (MCMC).

Superintendent Varnie is on tape for also saying he presented L$150,000 along with 150 bags of rice to the Council in observance of the Ramadan but the Chairman of the Council Kuku Reeves over the weekend denied receiving the full amount of cash and rice from him.

The Council according to its Chairman received L$100,000 along with with 140 bags of rice something that contradicts the Superintendent’s statement. Mr. Reeves also explained that the Superintendent gave the Council L$4000 to be used to transport the 140 bags of rice from his conference room to the Council’s office in Kakata.

He told our reporter that minutes following the presentation, Hon. Varnie informed the Council that he used L$46,000 to transport the 150 bags of rice from Monrovia to Kakata and at the same time requested for 20bags of rice to be used on those he referred to as maintenance people. Mr. Reeves added that the Council and the Superintendent compromised on giving him (Superintendent Varnie) 10 bags instead of 20.

“We received our donation from the Superintendent Hon. Jerry Varnie, while receiving it he had a press conference; he called us and he told us that the government or the president gave the Muslim Community one hundred and fifty bags of rice with one hundred and fifty thousand Liberian dollars so after the press conference, after the donation we went for the amount donated to us. I firstly sent people there, the people went they came back they said according to what Hon. Varnie told them that they did some expenses to transport the rice from Monrovia to bring it Kakata they spent something like L$50,000 so meaning we were to receive L$100,000.
Coming to the rice, he said that the amount they received was 150bags but their office they have maintenance people there, they have elderly people there which they want to use that 20bags rice for, we said no what we can as a people we are all neighbors, we are working together what we can do we can give you the ten bags of rice then you can give us the one hundred and forty bags of rice and he agreed to it” Mr. Reeves narrated.

For his part, the Advisor to the Margibi County Muslim Council Momo V. Corneh has expressed disappointment in the Superintendent for the manner in which he handled the items donated by the President.

Mr. Corneh who thanked President Weah for the gesture was quick to inform the President that the Council did not receive all of what he sent as a Ramadan gift.

The MCMC advisor termed the usage of L$46,000 for transportation as wrong adding, ‘but the President knows this is a pro-poor arrangement we are fasting’.

When contacted, Superintendent Varnie could not deny nor confirm the allegation but said he did no wrong. Superintendent Varnie boasted that he cannot be taken from his post.

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  1. This is criminal in nature, the government giving gifts to her people should be completely done, including Transportation from Monrovia to Kakata. What I think is that, the Superintendent must return whatsoever taken from that religious body gifts from the government.

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