“CDC Government Inherited The Current Economic Conditions” Says Eugene Nagbe


The Minister of Information Culture and Tourism Lenn Eugene Nagbe has attributed the bad economy of the country to the drastic decline in the prices of Liberia’s Gross Domestic Products and is calling on citizens to exercise patience as efforts are being made by the Weah- led government to resuscitate the economic sector of the country.

Speaking in an interview on a local radio station OK FM, Minister Nagbe said the prices of rubber and iron-ore on the world market have reduced considerably, something which he claimed, poses serious effect to Liberia’s economy.

According to Minister Nagbe, the current economic condition was inherited by the CDC government and it is not something that can be resolved in a year time.

He acknowledged the daily hike in the exchange rate, adding that the government is putting in short-term measures to swiftly address the situation.

In a related development Grand Kru District #2 Representative J. Fonati Koffa said he has joined citizens who are heeding the call of the county traditional section heads and the county leadership to encourage all young people to stay away from the so-called June 7 protest.

In a post on facebook, Representative Koffa said

“This protest has nothing to do with saving Liberia. It has everything to do with saving the failed political careers for a bunch of failed politicians and opportunists.

He said that although things are tough in Liberia right now it is certainly not because of what the government has done or failed to do in just a year and a half year. the root cause of the current economic problem according to him are:

“1) The massive currency manipulation which occurred at the end of the last administration by the illegal printing of currency.

2) The departure of UNMIL with its approximately 22 million United States dollars in monthly payroll and operations which has immensely contributed to the shortage of hard currency on the market.

To call a protest on a government working to reverse these economic trends is to contribute to additional hardships not to contribute to solutions.

Moreover, the bulk of citizens in Montserrado County are from Grand Kru and the southeast. Yet we are not proportionally represented in the leadership of this protest. Trust me, tomorrow these same people will say “it was your government. ”

Do not allow your temporary difficult situation to cause you to give aid and comfort to people who are only trying to overturn the results of a legitimate election under false pretenses.

How can you protest a 1 and a half-year-old government and compare it to protest against 30-year-old government?

In order for this government to succeed, we must be most strictly aware of disruptions by the selfish interest which will engender needless complications and cause the world to lose confidence in us. Let us rally around our government ever firm in the belief that it is capable of the heavy burden of responsibilities and resolving the difficulties ahead. Let us tie our belt and make the sacrifices to build a collective future ever mindful that in UNION STRONG SUCCESS IS SURE!!!! Please employ your friends and family to stay away from this inglorious exercise.” he lamented.

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  1. So when should this work be blamed for her lack of? 50 years from now? We have yet to see or read A POLICY but don’t blame her.

  2. Well, the government has proven to be out of touch with the difficulties face by the general population in the country. The president has refused to speak directly to the hearts and minds of the Liberian people. In his recent address to the nation, the president missed the greatest opportunity to speak directly to the general population. The president is more concerned about himself and his inner circle. We do have a long way to go!

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