National Elections Commission Predicts Postponement of Montserrado By-Elections Due To Delay In Financing By National Government

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The National Elections Commission says it foresees postponement in the conduct of the impending July 2 by-elections in Montserrado County due to delay in funding of the electoral process by the national government.

Eligible voters in Montserrado are expected to go to the polls on July 2, 2019 to elect a senator and a representative to replace vacant seats at both the Liberian Senate and the House of Representatives.

The vacancies were caused by the deaths of Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff and Representative Adolph Lawrence.

Addressing reporters at the headquarters of the National Elections Commission in Monrovia Tuesday, the Commission Chairman, Jerome Kokoyah said the approved amount of 1.5 million United States dollars by the Liberian Government is yet to be provided in full.

According to Chairman Kokoyah, NEC is still finding it extremely difficult to procure the needed logistics in the country for the holding of the July 2 by-elections.

The NEC Chairman who also expressed hope for the conduct of the election on July 2, said postponement in the process will require the approval of the National Legislature.

Meanwhile, Chairman Kokoyah has declared campaign open for the July 2 by elections in Montserrado County.

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