President Weah Directs All Public Offices Remain Open For Business On June 7


The President of the Republic, His Excellency George Manneh Weah, has ordered all government Ministries and Agencies to remain open and functional to the public, including Friday, June 7.

In a directive issued today, June 5, 2019, President Weah ordered that all public institutions open their doors to the public on all working days and throughout official working hours in order to do the Liberian people’s work without fail.

The directive, the President said, includes June 7, 2019.

“My office has made no declaration for June 7, 2019 as public holiday; I therefore expect that government offices remain open and functional to the public as usual,” the Liberian Leader said.

President Weah said under the prevailing national challenges, Government is committed to ensure the maintenance of public order and provide essential services to citizens and foreigners within our borders.

“I have instructed our security apparatus to ensure the protection of the rights of all,” he said, calling on public servants to “take note of this order and act accordingly.”

1 thought on “President Weah Directs All Public Offices Remain Open For Business On June 7

  1. Mr.President, you are on course.thanks for the directive.This is the response we want to see.few selfish individuals can not hold 3.7million people.your constitutional responsibility extends to all liberians regardless of status,creed, ethnicity ECT.And as head of state, you have the constitutional power to assign any of your officials to a responsibility.We know what those guys up for.just be Focus and make sure that all of your men them should also be Focus and forget about the noise outside there.

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