Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor To Receive Council Of Patriots Petition On June 7


Liberia: The Vice President of Liberia Madam Jowel Howard -Taylor will on Friday, June 7 receive the petition of the planned June 7th protest from the Council of Patriots for and on behalf of the government of Liberia.

Speaking to a local radio station Liberia’s information Minister Len Eugene Nagbe said the decision of the Vice President to receive the protesters’ petition on June 7 is deliberate, arguing that, she remains the direct representative of the government in the absence of the president.

It has been rumored that the Vice President is one of those financing the planned protest, a speculation Madam Taylor’s National Patriotic Party has since rubbished and to dismiss speculations that President Weah is suspicious of his vice president financing the planned June 7 Protest, the Government says VP Howard-Taylor has been designated to receive the petition from the Council of Patriots

Minister Nagbe said though the protesters are demanding that their petition only be submitted to the president during the protest, the Government of Liberia has also unanimously decided that the Vice President, In spite of the latest speculation that she is financing the protest, will be the only one to represent the president at their petition ceremony.

3 thoughts on “Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor To Receive Council Of Patriots Petition On June 7

  1. Why re you journalists always politicized trivious issues? Is it the first time that a President n his Vice has some differences n later squashed it?
    The government thru the very information Minister has clarify the misinformation n she has been designated to recieved the petition.
    If the COP wants their concerns to be addressed, it doesn’t matters who is going to recieved it.
    If there demands look into and those wants that re Germaine will be addressed.

  2. What kinds of country is this. Hooooo!!!! Mama Liberia. Everyday another story.

  3. Is a shame on those that was elected and was willing to take the responsibility of running our country.I just cannot believe that this government has not yet see the problem the country is facing as a leader of a country you are not only their to serve your party members your responsibility is to serve the people and not some of the, you can see this is what cousing the problem

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